Cindy Miller, Market Researcher on Women Leading in Local Panel

Cindy Miller, BIAKelsey Women Leading in Local PanelistCindy Miller, Panelist on Women Leading in Local

Cindy Miller, VP of Business Development at MetrixLab, has over 30 years’ experience leveraging marketing research tools and techniques to uncover consumer insights that help companies grow. Cindy is a seasoned marketing researcher with specialties in retail, financial services, direct marketing, e-commerce, consumer packaged goods and pharmaceuticals. Cindy’s educational training is in Social Organizational Psychology.

She has spent half of her career split between the client and supplier sides. On the corporate side she led the research efforts at Travelocity, Radio Shack, JCPenney and the Fort Worth Convention & Visitors Bureau. She is currently VP of client development with a global insights and analytics provider.

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Women Leading in Local Panel

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