10 Tips for Getting Social on Social Media Day & Every Other Day

DFW It’s Time to Get Social for Mashable’s Social Media Day and every other day!

Social Media Day as declared by Mashable in 2010 is the annual celebration of well… Social Media.  As Social Media Day 2013 approaches, I have been reflecting on where I started in social media in 2009 and where I am now.

Social Media Nails for Social Media Day 2013

I am proud to say that every year since Mashable declared Social Media Day – I have participated and honored the day. (Thank you Dale Little for asking me to write that blog post in 2010. You got me started.)

2010 – Twitter Etiquette Tips, or as I like to call it “Twitiquette”. These tips still apply TODAY! Read the post and Act on what it says!
2011 – Organized and Co-Presented with Fred Campos, Facebook vs Twitter. 50+ attendees joined us for the two-hour public event. Everyone enjoyed it and have great feedback to us.
2012 – 1st annual DFW Rocks Media Day Conference. This one-day event featured 8 speakers and had over 100+ in attendance. Everyone learned, laughed and networked before, during & after.
2013 –  2nd annual DFW Rocks Social Media Conference. This two-day event features 18 speakers, 17 presentations and seating for 250 attendees. The Who’s WHO in Dallas is not only presenting, but also attending.

So it’s time for the “Get Social” lesson! I mean I know you aren’t just reading this blog, so I can toot my own horn.

10 Tips for Getting Social on Social Media Day and Every Other Day

Recognize Others.

  • Spend a few minutes daily on Facebook Liking AND Commenting on others’ posts. (Notice, I said Commenting. – that’s an entire different rant.)
  • Hop over to Twitter and reply to a few tweets of people in your stream. (The easiest way is to look at someone that has replied to you or RTd you recently and reply to something they tweeted.)
  • Run, not walk over to Google+ and +1 a few of those that have circled you. “Share” their content. (I know some feel that Google+ is a wasted effort.  It’s not – go over there and claim your niche now why all your competitors are thinking it is a waste of time.)
  • It’s time to “Like” and Re-Pin. Go to Pinterest and click “Home Feed”.  Look at the Pins of those following you and interact with them.

Focus on helping others.

  • Post tips on your social media sites that would help others to improve their business. (i.e. If you are a sales coach, post tips on closing the sale. If you are a marketing strategist posts tips to help people market their business and themselves better.)
  • Share article content that gives information that is current and relevant to your audience.
  • Mix fun in to it with catchy photos and funny stories. (People love to laugh. Make them laugh and they’ll look for you online.)

Foster New Relationships.

  • Get outside of your comfort zone to and take the time to get to know those in your network and their pain points. Help solve them.
  • Make introductions on behalf of others. (When you reach out and make an opportunity happen for someone else they remember that, remember you and return the favor when the opportunity arises.)
  • Focusing on grow relationships outside of your immediate circle of influence.

There are many more tips I could give, but here are 10 to get you started.

I am going to close with this:

  • You only get out of social media what you put into it. (Put little effort and get little results, put a lot of effort and get big results.)
  • Give and you shall receive in return. (Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.)
  • Nurture Relationships (Focus on the relationship, not the sale and you’ll get big dividends.)

So are you coming to the DFW Rocks Social Media Conference on June 29 & June 30? Tickets are on sale now. You can use the code MYGUEST and Save $25 off your purchase of a two day ticket. Use the code MYGUEST1 and Save $10 off a one-day ticket. Offer expires May 31st.

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