10 Ways to ROCK Social Media Day 2015

Mashable’s Social Media Day 2015Each year I get the privilege of planning one of the largest digital marketing conferences in Texas! I am going to be honest and share with you that it is not easy. Pulling together a spectacular Social Media Day celebration that WOWs the attendees and tops the prior year gets harder and harder.

What makes me do this each year? Because I love social media. Social media enables individuals and business owners from around the world to connect not just locally, but globally. Family and friends share, tweet, Facebook and have conversations in this very public space and most of them love every minute of it.

So why do I encourage everyone to celebrate social media on June 30? Read on and you’ll find out.

What is Social Media Day?

Social Media Day is a worldwide celebration of the technology that allows all of us to connect and communicate with one another on a local, regional, national and even a global level.  It celebrates the vibrant communities that now exist on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ and Instagram, just to name a few, and that continue to grow on a daily basis.

How should I celebrate Social Media Day?

There are many ways to celebrate, which I am going to share in great detail below. My favorite being that you join us for the 2015 Rocks Digital Marketing Conference for a great education from some of the nation’s top digital marketing and social media authorities. You can also join us at Mashable’s Social Media Day Tweetup that immediately follows the conference on the 2nd day!

Since social media is about communication online. I am going to share below some ways you can get very social on Social Media Day.

10 Ways to ROCK Mashable’s Social Media Day 2015

  1. Teach a friend how to use Facebook
  2. Write a blog post about social media
  3. Seek out and connect with old friends online
  4. Tweet 100 things you love about social media
  5. Email your contacts about Social Media Day
  6. RSVP to a Mashable Social Media Day Tweetup
  7. Invite a group of ONLINE friends to get together OFFLINE
  8. Spend the day learning a new social media platform
  9. Read a book about social media
  10. Attend a Social Media Day Conference

I highly recommend #10 on the list. There are social media day celebrations happening around the world. Just Google Social Media Day 2015 and you’ll find some awesome places to go.

If you are local to Texas or want to visit this great state, the 2015 Rocks Digital Marketing Conference features over 30 speakers, 30+ presentations, Speaker-Author Book Signing and, of course, the Mashable Social Media Day Tweetup is for YOU!

We hope to meet you in real life at Rocks Digital 2015! And if you can’t attend tweet us! Our hashtag #RocksDigital will be streaming on Twitter.

How will you be celebrating Social Media Day 2015 this year? Share below.

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