Boost Like a Boss – 4 Tips to Maximize ROI with Facebook Boosting

4 Facebook Boosting TipsBefore we get into Facebook boosting, consider this – our Facebook News Feeds are more crowded than ever. It is no secret that over the years Facebook has made many modifications to their algorithms to shorten the organic reach of a post. This decline in organic reach boils down to two reasons.

First, there is simply too much content being shared throughout the platform. With over 2 billion monthly active users, there is too much being posted, shared, and talked about to make it feasible to show everything on one’s News Feed. Second, Facebook believes that their algorithms are fine-tuned enough to provide the most relevant content to a user based on their preferences.

What Can Facebook Boosting Do for Me?

A boosted post on Facebook is a way to reach new people who may be interested in your content. Just about any post on your page can be boosted. After running through a few quick targeting options, setting up your budget, and selecting how long you would like your post to be boosted, you’re ready to go.

Boosting posts can help your business make noise in an ever-growing, congested space. However, when not set up correctly you can often feel like you are spinning your wheels and burning through money.

Four Tips to Maximize ROI with Facebook Boosting

1. Target the Right Audience

One of the most enticing benefits of Facebook Boosting is the prospect of getting your page in front of new people. When you decide to boost a post, you will be presented with two audience options.

The first option is to boost the post to “People who like your page and their friends.” This option is great for promoting newsworthy content. Recently reach a company milestone? Boost out the great news to the friends and families of your fans. Try to avoid boosting your more “salesy” content to this audience as you have little to no control over your audience and the potential to waste money is high.

The second option is to boost a post to “People you choose through targeting.” When trying to drive relevant traffic to your website or promote newsletter signups, this is your option. This targeting option allows you to select your audience based on location, age, gender, and up to 10 interests.

2. Have a Defined Goal

Not all posts should be boosted. One of the most important factors that comes into play with boosting posts is deciding what content to promote. It is important to focus your budget on boosting posts that directly impact your business. Boosting a post that links out to someone else’s website doesn’t serve much benefit to you.

Whether you are trying to get more views on Facebook Live, drive traffic to a page on your site with an engaging call-to-action, or generate more likes for your Facebook page, make sure that when you are putting money behind a post that you are focusing on your business.

3. Track Everything

Being able to track the overall performance of a boosted post is crucial to any social media campaign. Understanding the science behind what made a post successful is important when considering future posts. Fortunately, there are many ways to track ROI on social media today.

One of the best ways to track performance is through Facebook Insights. Clicking through to your Insights tab directly from your page will shed light on statistics such as number of people reached, number of engagements, and even a demographic breakdown. You will also be able to find your total spend here.

If you are sending users to your website, be sure to take advantage of Facebook conversion tracking. Facebook pixel is a small snippet of code that you can place on the backend of your website that will help to record conversions by visitors taken from your Facebook ads. If you have a website to send users to, then this is a must as it also opens the door for you to remarket on Facebook.

Lastly, to ensure that your data in Google Analytics remains accurate and precise, utilize UTM parameters with your posts. By creating various campaigns you’ll have the luxury of viewing how each specific post plays a role in your overall website traffic.

4. Guess, Check, and Revise

Boosting on Facebook is not rocket science, but there is certainly a learning curve to finding out what works best. Certain posts will perform better for different audiences. It is crucial to constantly play with verbiage, styling and formatting, and types of content to find what drives the best bang for your buck. Additionally, by constantly considering your insights and revising your target audience you can hone in on the most relevant piece of the community for your business.

Facebook Boosting Can Broaden Your Reach

Facebook Boosting is a great way to extend your reach and grow your audience. Take advantage of all the advanced targeting options we have available and start boosting today!

So, to boost or not to boost? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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