Want More Opened Emails and Higher CTR? Here are 5 Email Marketing Trends to Help!

Email Marketing TrendsYou can always find different trends sweeping the older ones way! Just like other trends, email marketing trends come and go. What is most important is to stay up-to-date with them. Do the research, and make sure to follow the newest updates. If you are not doing this, then recipients will probably not open your emails and they definitely will not read them and click on the promo.

Here we outline the best up-to-date trends being followed all over the world. These trends are also giving some really good results in increasing the opening rates of emails along with CTRs (click-through rates).

5 Email Marketing Trends to Study Up on Today

1. Include the Bells and Whistles

Earlier, emails used to be a source of sending a message, replying, and attaching files or pictures. But now you can do much more with emails. In this era of increased digitization, emails are upgraded to be more interactive and easy-to-use.

With the help of banners and CTA (calls to action), you can add an attention-getting message and the Register here, Sign up, RSVP here or Add to Cart buttons. You can also put in image sliders and carousels.

Just make sure you don’t add too many of these in the same email, which might confuse the recipient or cause some technical fault.

2. De-personalization is the New Thing

Earlier, emails have been used to personalize and it was written in the opening salutation: Dear John or Hello, Maria for example. But now, de-personalization is in! Nowadays you may just write Hi there or Hello. This simply makes it easier to use the same email for everyone. Moreover, you do not need to utilize audience segregation when using the de-personalization method.

So, instead of unnatural first name personalization, trend #2 in the new email marketing is about no personalization.

3. Video in Email

You always use normal text to explain your point of view and everybody does that, so it has become boring and unfashionable. Now what people need are fewer words and more visuals! When you put in some infographics, gifs and videos, it really looks appealing to the recipient and can make your CTR go higher.

But make sure you don’t use too many of them, as that will lead to the email reaching the spam box or promo tab.

4. Automated Emails

Triggered and automated emails are being used by companies and organizations to engage more people.

Triggered emails include the welcome email, thank you email, confirmation email, and other similar types. They are designed to be sent automatically to the recipient at a certain time. Nothing is better than automated emails to make the audience realize that they are being valued. This also makes the email writer’s work easier at some point.

Make sure to add an email signature with contact details at the bottom, in case people want to make queries. Plus, you can easily add banners, social icons and links by using the signature. Here’s my recommend components of a professional email signature.

5. Encrypted Emails

Well, this is not quite new as a trend but equally important to follow. Email encryption prevents people from reading the email – other than the intended recipient of course. As you already know that emails are not really well-protected from being hacked, this is an important step to be taken before the email is sent.

Stay Current with Email Marketing Trends and Keep on Learning!

These most trendy email methods are being used all over the world and they will probably evolve or upgrade over the years. So, before further changes take place, make sure you use these trends now and see your audience get engaged with you more than ever!

Does a particular trend among the listed 5 above really speak to you? Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments below!

Helga Zabalkanskaya

Helga is CMO at NEWOLDSTAMP. Having worked in numerous industries she has a deep understanding of various markets and tools, as well as growth hacking techniques. In 2015 Helga switched to IT and helps startups to disrupt markets.

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