5 Reasons to SUPERFY Your Website With WordPress

WordPress is Super for WebsitesWe talk a lot about social media, but you can have the best social media campaign ever, but without a website you will get nowhere fast. All content management systems (CMS) are NOT created equal and I recommend WordPress because it is easier than most to use.

WordPress is one of the most effective and super versatile content management systems around. It can be used to design a super simple blog page, or, with a robust theme, can be used to create a complicated website like this one. Since WordPress is the preferred platform, website developers are creating easy to use DIY WordPress Themes and Plugins.

5 Benefits of Using WordPress for your Website

1. Search Optimization Friendly, the Permalinks

Permalinks are the links, or URLs, for your blog post and webpages. Any time you create an article or page within WordPress, a URL is created. WordPress allows you to make URLs as well as permalinks that include keywords which search engines like Google love. This allows search results to better rank your website for the keywords you have chosen.

2. Search Optimization Compatible Content Titles

WordPress is set up to automatically make your website pages and post titles the new URL. Keyword rich titles can be used to make it simpler for you to achieve greater rankings in Google as well as other search engines when people are trying to find data or products related to that title.

3. The Opportunity to Create Tags

Tags are similar to labels. Tags are available at the end of any article on any WordPress website and allow you to use keywords to spell out your article. Towards the end of this blog post you will likely see several phrases or tags at the end of the post like “WordPress”, “WordPress for beginners”, or “WordPress for SEO”. These tags or key term will let the search engines web crawlers to raised index your blog post which in turn will help visitors who are trying to find information like “word press” as well as WordPress for SEO to uncover your online site.

4. The ability To Cross Hyperlink Content within Your Website or Blog

WordPress permits you to effectively link similar content to each other which assists with SEO. Cross linking is when you create a link created from one of your blog posts and articles to a new relevant article on your web page. Using this article as an example, I could build a link within this article, that when clicked, is going to take you to a different WordPress article which is related and you will probably find helpful. The link will be a key word, or keyword phrase such as “learn WordPress”. This is yet another WordPress tool which will help with your search engine optimization.

5. You Can Ping Innovative Articles or Articles

Every time you publish or modify a posting or a new blog page, your WordPress website can alert a number of different sites that you’ve just updated your blog. This is called pinging and it’s also a very effective tool which you can use to help your website with getting ranked in the search engines. Get the 2015 Ping list.

These are just a few of the reasons I think WordPress is SUPER for you to use for your website or blog. Comment and share why you use WordPress and if you don’t why not.

Anthony Ryan

Anthony Ryan is the founder of anthonyryanmedia & be SUPER social! Professor at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communications. He teaches WordPress, Facebook, Twitter and social media business etiquette to students each semester. Funny enough, he also teaches these to business owners.

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