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5 Tips for Capitalizing on Mobile Micro-Moments

Capitalize Mobile Micro-Moments

What actions are you taking right now to anticipate the micro-moments of mobile users? How are you planning your campaigns around the precious seconds of time that it takes a person to decide whether they want to click on a link or remain on a page?

Micro-moments are the I-want-to-know, I want-to-buy, I-want-to-go and I-want-to-do moments that happen on impulse, and lead users to the information they’re seeking. Set your sights on quickly capturing the attention of users by considering the five tips below on capitalizing on micro-moments:

Hop on the Mobile Train Before It Leaves the Station

You don’t want to be late to the party. Realize that the mobile age is upon us and the success of your digital marketing efforts depend on how well you appeal to these users – especially millennials. Just think about how often you and the people around you use smartphones every day.

In November of 2016, a report released by StatCounter revealed that 51.3% of all web visits take place on mobile devices when compared to traditional computing platforms like desktops and notebooks – which continue to roll downhill at 48.7%. But do we really need to dig up all the data supporting the notion that mobile is the now and the future?

Thankfully that’s not necessary because we can see with our own eyes how often people use mobile devices to access the apps that give them answers, let them find service providers, buy products, connect on social media, and the list goes on.

It’s almost as if the smartphone has become another organ of our bodies. And there’s no denying how big of an influence they’ve had on our global interconnection. By acknowledging the instant gratification these devices provide now rather than later, you will be laying the foundation for a sound future.

Make sure you don’t fall behind – always keep mobile users in mind when planning your campaigns.

Place Even More Emphasis on User Experience (UX) in Mobile

Now that it’s clear where the pendulum is swinging, it’s crucial for you to put yourself in the shoes of mobile users. To reel in members of your audience you must first think like your audience, and understand search from their perspective.

What’s trending in digital marketing? What dilemmas are those in your audience facing? What questions are people thinking about as they pull their phones out of their pockets? What answers are they expecting – and in what forms of content? How can you capture their attention as quickly as possible?

These are all examples of questions you may ask yourself to develop content marketing strategies, landing pages, and advertisements that help you reach your audience on a personal level. Thinking about the who, what, where, when, why and how regarding potential customers will help you provide users with direction as they almost instinctively reach for their phones.

Build a strong scouting report on your competitors by finding out what works for them – and what doesn’t. Which websites and content do you find most engaging? Which ads catch your interest and pull you in? Consider the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors, and learn to get ahead of the game from their mistakes.

Optimizing UX requires countless hours of research, investigation and creative contemplation, but it can be the most rewarding way to capitalize on the micro-moments of today.

Blaze Your Own Trail

While it’s important to evaluate the performance of the superstars in any given industry, make it a point to never worry too much about the competition. Soak up what you can, and then focus on your own strengths as a digital marketer. Copying exactly what another company is doing means that you’re settling for second place, which is very far from first.

Instead, you must have the vision to set new industry trends because that’s how you make the leap from good to great. Go against the grain when you feel in your gut that a new campaign strategy will lead to exciting results. Often, when everyone is running in one direction, it’s best to stop in your tracks and think about how it might benefit you to take off in another.

Carve your own path in the continuously evolving world of digital marketing with originality. Perform experiments and take calculated risks to achieve what others have not. Don’t let fear hold you back from bringing an innovative vision to life.

Be Quick to Factor New Tools into Your Campaigns

At the Google Marketing Next presentation on May 24th, it was announced that Google Optimize will officially be integrating into AdWords. This means you’ll soon have the ability to design different landing pages for specific keywords and ad groups.

If you’re marketing for an HVAC company targeting the keyword “ac repair,” for example, you can take that search query and link it to two different landing pages. One may include a video testimonial at the top, while another has an image of company staff. This way, you’ll be able to run tests showing which pages lead to more conversions.

Marketers are going to be able to drag and drop different features in a visual editor. From headlines, color schemes and layouts to images, videos, calls-to-action and more, you’ll be able to make changes without ever needing developer tools. As a result, you’ll gain even more insight on which experiences users enjoy most.

Moreover, the recently unveiled “Personal” tab (which is currently going through testing) reveals that Google is attempting to tie stronger connections between you – the user – and whatever it is you’re searching. The personal filter will be displayed in the search results only if you’re signed into your account, which is why they’ll match up with things relating to your Google photos, calendar events, and emails.

Let’s say, for instance, you’ve created a calendar event for a business trip to San Diego a few weeks in advance, but you haven’t booked your flight yet. Well, when the personal tab finally takes off, it’s likely that Google will display advertisements in the search results, including flights, hotels, car services and restaurants.

Without a doubt, artificial intelligence will continue to tailor our search results to the personal data it collects on us. That’s why it’s time to start focusing on how you can adjust your digital marketing efforts in ways that relate even more to the personal lives of users. This way, you’ll be able to capitalize on the feature when it returns in full force.

Top it Off by Focusing on Quality and Simplicity

Google has been making strides over the years to turn their search engine into a database that stresses quality content and authenticity. Jamming relevant keywords into on-page content that hardly makes any sense and lacks informative value is no longer a substantial SEO practice. Creating websites and writing content just for search engines is a thing of the past.

Instead, Google’s artificial intelligence is now rewarding those marketers who make the user experience their top priority. You’re expected to create genuine, informative content that is in no way misleading or deceptive to the user. That’s why focusing on quality over quantity will help your search rankings skyrocket. And this will continue to be the case as additional upgrades are added to Google Panda.

Even further, simplicity is always key when it comes to writing website copy and content. You only have a few seconds before users decide whether they’re going to stay on a landing page or blog – or hit the back button to find something that does a better job of breaking down the big idea. To appeal to a broader audience try sticking to layman’s terms. And have a conversation with users so they don’t mistake your writing for that of a robot.

When you connect with users personally, you’ll notice that they stick around a whole lot longer. Choose images, create layouts and write every word of copy and content while thinking about how you can strengthen the connection with potential customers. UX depends on quality content presented in everyday terms. And when the user experience is clean, quick, engaging and relevant, you’ll begin to master the micro-moments of today and the future.

Are you capturing those micro-moments?

Lance Bachmann

Lance Bachmann is the Founder and President of Digital Agency, a full-service global digital marketing firm based in the Philadelphia, PA area.

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