5 Ways to Create Demand for Your Brand

People around a table that says brandCreating brand awareness, lead generation and thought leadership are all solid goals of a good content marketing strategy. And, as with any strategy, there are some foundational elements that make achieving the goals much easier. It starts with really understanding the why of your brand. Why are you here? How are you different? And most importantly, how do you serve your customers?

Once you can answer these questions, and yes, they are tough, then you can then address the next level of questions which will create the foundation for a lead generation funnel, and put you on the path to creating brand demand:

Be Trustworthy

This seems simple, but it only takes the smallest negative action to convince customers that perhaps you are not who you say you are. Being trustworthy means you are first really solid on who you are and who you serve. Then you must always follow through while maintaining consistency. It also means saying you are sorry, and quickly making amends when you have a misstep. Mistakes happen all the time, but you must be quick to act. The more time it takes, the more likely customers won’t trust the outcome.

Be The Authority

Great content will help you showcase how you are the authority in your field. The key here is to give great value. Don’t be afraid to give away your ideas. The more you do, the more likely your brand will be a go-to resource for information. Remember to mix up the content so that your customers can consume in their preferred method. Some like to read, others enjoy video and even podcasts are making a comeback. Don’t forget the graphics. Add great images and even infographics for more interest. It’s more than just getting your idea out there – it’s getting it out there to be consumed!

Know Your Customer

I see folks spending a lot of time spent discussing target markets, personas, and demographics. This is great information to have, but in the end, you must spend time getting to know what it is that makes your customer tick. It’s not just about “selling” them on a product or service, but rather an alignment of values and ideals that build trust and loyalty. Customers will stay more loyal to brands they feel the brand shares a common purpose. So know your customer well, and be transparent about your brand’s purpose and vision.

Be The Aspirin

Solve the problem, whatever it may be. This can be anything from the product design to the service delivery model to streamlining the billing process. When you place yourself squarely in the center of the customer experience, then it becomes much easier to uncover ways you can alleviate their pain. This is crucial for products and services, so asking customers and prospects what they need is the way to go.

Become Adoptable

Consistency is the key to being the brand that your prospects and customers know, like and trust. Consistently show up as the brand you claim to be. Provide great information regularly. Be the answer to their problem. Make it easy for them to find you with great content marketing. Put the customer in the center of decisions. And never be afraid to say you are sorry!

When you think about the way the landscape has shifted with regard to business, it is important to recognize the power of the customer voice. Customers expect to heard and recognized, and they expect brands to align with a value set they already have. So creating demand for your brand becomes much easier when you think of the customer first, who you are as a brand, and then let everyone know by creating great value with excellent content!

What are you going to do differently / what has been working for you to create demand for your brand? Comment below.

Laura Armbruster

Laura Armbruster is an author and speaker whose purpose is to “Give Voice.” She is the Chief Impactor® and President of GROrx, a business growth consulting firm.

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Laura Armbruster