Test Your Copywriting Strength: A Quick Quiz for 7 Cool Copywriting Tips

Copywriting Tips QuizWith so many people discussing how key content is to marketing strategies, good copywriters are a little like nobility in King Content’s court. With that in mind, I thought I’d have a little fun here by offering this short copywriting tips quiz. After filling in the blanks you’ll have a list of seven valuable copywriting tips you can use when you’re crafting marketing content.

Ready. Set. Write! The Copywriting Tips Quiz Begins

1. Write content that speaks ______ your prospects, not ______ them. This one element makes the difference between grabbing your prospects’ attention so they read your content versus click away to another website (or toss your direct mail piece into the circular file).

2. Two psychological triggers that grab your prospects’ attention are ____________ and ______________. Use these triggers to craft your headlines, bullet points, titles of your free reports, etc.

3. Create an ____________ moment, so that as your prospects are reading they are thinking “Yes–this company gets me. Yes, they understand my feelings, my fears, or my anxiety. Yes–they can relate to what I’m going through. Therefore, I want what they have.”

4. People respond to any given proposition for one of two reasons: ____________________________ or _________________________________.

5. Two things you need to know before you ever start writing are your ____________ and your ___________.

6. Remember, writing copy is all about ______________, not about ______________.

7. The secret to writing great copy is that it’s all about _______!

Did you pass with flying colors? What would you add to the list? Tell me in the comments. I hope you see great success using these valuable copywriting tips.


  1. Write content that speaks TO your prospects, not AT them.
  2. Two psychological triggers are curiosity and touching people’s emotions.
  3. Create an Aha moment.
  4. To gain something they do not have or to avoid losing something they possess.
  5. Two things you need to know are your product and your market.
  6. Writing copy is all about the prospect, not the product.
  7. It’s all about PEOPLE!


Debra Jason

Debra Jason is author of "Millionaire Marketing on a Shoestring Budget™". She teaches "Marketing with heart. Inspiring you to communicate your passion so it has a powerful impact." She loves speaking, connecting, dancing, yoga & MEMORIES OF beach walks with her dog.

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