Want to Go Live? Get Started with 7 Great Ideas for Facebook Live

Facebook Live VideoFacebook Live can be a powerful way to grow your community and get more reach. But it can be somewhat intimidating to broadcast your very own livestream. You will probably worry that you don’t know what to say, or feel frustrated and unsure of just what topics to cover.

Feel the Fear, and Facebook Live Anyway!

When trying something for the first time, a little apprehension is quite understandable, and that surely goes for “going live.” But you really don’t need to fear, because in this post you’ll find a few accessible ideas to get you started!

7 “Dive Right In” Approaches to Using Facebook Live

Idea #1 – Tell a Story or Share an Experience

Personal stories are a fantastic way to start your livestream. Try sharing a story about a customer service experience you had, talk about your favorite mentor who inspired you to start your own business, or explain how you came to be in your current field of expertise.

Idea #2 – Review a Book, Chapter-by-Chapter

Pick a book and deliver one livestream per chapter. During your live broadcast, share a few thoughts on each chapter and how it’s impacting you. If you’re not sure what to say, look in the back of the book for a discussion guide or check the publisher’s website for an easy-to-use guide. Just be careful you’re not sharing their content as your own… remember to give credit where it’s due!

Idea #3 – Announce New Products or Services

Use Facebook Live to talk about or introduce your new product or service. Not only will your existing customers appreciate hearing the news, but you may also attract viewers who turn into customers after learning about your latest offering. Remember, it’s not about being salesy. Always deliver value in whatever content you share.

Idea #4 – Show Appreciation and Thank Someone

Take a moment to publicly thank someone. This could be someone you’re close to, like your brother or sister or your mom or dad. It could also be a friend or mentor who guided you through a difficult time, or a customer who shared a lightbulb moment because of their work with you.

Idea #5 – Deliver a Quick Tips Post

Outline three quick tips you could share with your audience that relate to a niche you serve. For example, if you’re in health & wellness, you could share 3 quick tips for eating clean. Or as a dating coach, tips on how to gently let down a person you don’t feel a romantic connection with.

Idea #6 – Interview Someone

You can use a tool like BeLive or BlueJeans to interview guests on your livestream. Pick interviewees who are comfortable on camera and that have valuable content to share with your viewers relating to a theme or key topic.

Idea #7 – Share a Tutorial

Think about a topic you get asked about frequently and use your Facebook Live to create a tutorial. For example, if you’re in the beauty niche and you get questions about how to create flawless eyebrows, turn that into a livestream. You could do a demonstration or explain your process step-by-step, and why you take each step.

Regardless of what you share on your Facebook Live video, be sure to pay attention to the comments. Keep in mind that viewer engagement will significantly boost your rankings on Facebook, leading to even more views and shares for your business page!

Leverage the Livestream with Facebook Live

Almost everyone understands the power of video, and your customers and customers-to-be increasingly rely on the information they glean from it. The livestream format is another key piece of your brand’s social media outreach, so dump those doubts about going live, and use these 7 ideas to help show just what your brand is all about!

Which “dive right in” idea seems best for your brand? Share your enthusiasm – or reservations – in the comments!

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Tanya Smith is among the top rising professionals in social media marketing. A creative content strategist, Tanya coaches service providers to leverage snack-size content for maximum visibility.

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