7 Tips to Maximize Engagement on Social Media for Brands at Rocks Digital 2016 – Live Blog

Maximize Your Brands Social Media Engagement

Litany Bergeron was fired up about getting us all engaged during her session at Rocks Digital 2016!

Find Your Audience

Facebook and LinkedIn are the top choices for engagement.

Use the following digital DNA to know where to find your audience based on what your audience is looking for.

Litany Bergeron HiltonDigital DNA

  • Facebook = Personal stories loyalty
  • LinkedIn = Business
  • Twitter = Immediacy
  • Instagram = Visual/Research
  • YouTube = Video
  • Google+ = Reviews/Search
  • Pinterest = Shopping
  • Snapchat = Discovery/Influencer
  • Tumblr = Blogging


Be Compelling

This must include visuals. 84% of communication will be visual by 2018.

You will get 94% more view from a compelling graphic or image instead of plain text.


Things to remember for any content:

  • Be Natural – Be yourself and real
  • Be Relevant – Stay up to date
  • Be Concise – If it is too long to read, no one will.
  • Use Emotion – People love emotion. They can relate to it.
  • Ask Questions – Not vague questions. Ask real compelling questions that actually engages your audience.
  • Inspire – Inspire people to sue your product or service.
  • Curate Content – This is a good backup if you need help with the other 6 tips.


Run Contests

Contests are a great way to be compelling. Many fans like a social channel because of a content they participated in.

Creative campaigning. Come up with really creative or even silly campaigns that get people looking at your brand.


Track Everything

Find out how each piece of content is working and what is not.



When people are talking about your brand, do you know what they are saying? You have to listen to your customers and audience are saying about you. And then RESPOND!


Empower your Employees

Your employees have followers. You should leverage their social media power for your brand. Give clear guidelines and rules for employee posts. Also, share best practices. Be clear about what they can and cannot post.


Save Time with the Right Tools

Use tools that will allow you to save time and manage your social media engagement.

These tips and will help your brand increase engagement with your target audience.

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