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Be More Efficient with these 9 Best Apps for Business and Pleasure

9 Best Apps for Business and Pleasure
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Everyone knows how important it is to keep up-to-date in our modern and innovative times, and you may already have some of these best apps to assist you. We love being on our phones, and it’s hard to find anyone who doesn’t use gadgets or different mobile applications as much for entertainment as they do for making life easier.

Best Apps – from Storage and Reference to Travel and More…

There are dozens of informative and useful programs and apps to keep up with the times, and to boost studying and knowledge gathering. Many businesses even create their own mobile app. Here are 9 apps that you shouldn’t live without!

Don’t Let File Storage Issues Get the Drop on You

Dropbox – Sometimes your operating system can be a disappointment and lose lots of valuable stuff for you. If you’re a busy person, it’s a must to have Dropbox, the app that allows you to upload documents, photos, and videos into the cloud. Now, no one need be afraid anymore of losing their important documents. And more than that, all you need to access your files from anywhere is simply an internet connection.

Access Shared Books from Around the World

Scribd – Everything gets easier when you have your very own library! Scribd is such a library platform, helping you to get online all the material you need for your studies. This is the virtual place where books are shared by people all over the world. One of its features even allows you to create your own library and organize it the way you want. Additionally, you can then share it with whomever you want.

Cliff Wants to Pass a Note or Two to You

CliffsNotes – This app is perfect for students who study literature and write papers on the characters and topics they read about. CliffsNotes provides all the necessary information that you may need to find topics for compare-and-contrast essays regarding any “literature aspect” of the books you have read. (But you can really do more with this app.)

Math is a Struggle No More

Mathway – Mathway is the answer for those that have a hard time when it comes to math. It’s probably one of the best math apps on the market. This app will guide you all the way while you check if your solution matches the one offered. Just open the app, enter your task regarding algebra, geometry, or any other type of math problem you’re facing, and Mathway will solve it for you.

Move Your To-Do List To-Done – Everyone should be aware of the importance of time management. That’s why this is a mandatory app if you want to organize your tasks. Its simple interface provides a daily planner, notes, comments, and other features. But more than that, can synchronize all the tasks with other devices, so your initial list can be accessed anywhere. Also, you can change the priority of your entry or mark a task as completed. And if you want to remove all completed tasks from your device, you just have to shake it.

Use Self-Control and Block Distractions

SelfControl – We all know how easy it is to get distracted in our modern life. Not only in your day-by-day life, but also in the virtual world, where you can easily get sucked in. It’s hard to live without checking new photos of friends, or sharing your state of mind during a lecture. That’s why we recommend this app for those who need to focus strictly on their tasks, because SelfControl blocks distracting websites.

Grasp those Words that have You Baffled – Reading lots of books on different topics can sometimes get tricky. Imagine there are words you’re not familiar with, and because of them, maybe you cannot understand a specific fragment. For occasions like that, what could be simpler than using It will be easy to find the definition of words you’re not sure about, and you’ll get the point of what you are reading.

Hear Talks from the Pros

TED – Who doesn’t know about TED, right? Use this application and you can meet and listen to the most fascinating people from different cultures and areas of expertise. You just need to install the TED app, and you can watch high-quality videos of different conferences from all over the world. You can actually have access to business or computer experts, authors, music geniuses, and many other interesting people that could open your mind.

Get a Lift to that Uber Important Destination

Uber – In modern society we have to move around a lot, and if you are not the proud owner of a car you need solutions to your transportation problems. Look no further than the Uber app, the most essential app for this kind of situation. Even though you might like to walk or take public transportation, sometimes it’s better to use Uber. Imagine you’re in a late-night situation, where it would be far better to have this application already installed on your device!

Try Out these 9 Best Apps Today

I trust you enjoyed a few of these apps to help keep you up-to-date and make a variety of work and school tasks more efficient. It’s a good practice to install an app before you really need it. Check it out and get a feel for the app when things are calm, so that when need strikes, you’ll be ready to go!

Are you already using some of these great apps? Do you have a favorite app? Please share in the comments!

Kevin Nelson

Kevin Nelson is a professional educator and a private tutor with over 8 years of experience. He is also a content writer for various blogs. Feel free to connect with him on Twitter, LinkedIn, & Google+.

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