How to Empower Yourself and Achieve Goals

Achieve GoalsIf money wasn’t a constraint, what would your true passion be? It’s a valid question now that New Year’s resolutions are being discussed along with methods to achieve goals. Personal question: Did you follow through with goals that you set for yourself last year?

Achieve Goals with Small Steps to Ensure Success

New Year’s Resolution: Useful Tool or Cliché?

It is estimated that just 8% of people achieve their New Year’s Resolution. That’s fine if it’s a tiny change in lifestyle, but for many this is the time to strive for and run toward our passion, bursting out from inside to create a new reality, a new dream, a new life.

All of us have dreams, but how do we define our vision and create our intention? The first question would have to be: What is the one thing that would make the greatest difference to your success in achieving the outcome you desire?

Achieve Goals in Manageable Steps

There are many different reasons why some people set out to walk the path less traveled, and when it comes down to creating your own happiness, if your future vision seems too large or overwhelming, think of turning your long-term dream into physical form by segmenting it into shorter periods of time.

Go deep and ask yourself the question: What do I want to accomplish this year? Write it down in as much detail as you can, then divide that into two 6-month steps. What would you need to accomplish in each six-month period to achieve the year accomplishment?

Measure Progress, Assess and Adjust

Six months can seem daunting in itself, so divide that into two 90-day steps. What would you have to do each 90 days to accomplish your six-month goal? Finally, using the MY PATH Journal approach, divide 90 days into three 30-day time frames, or divide the goal from the beginning into 12 small steps combined to reach the goal you set at the beginning of 2017.

Smaller steps make progress easier to measure, and organizing your thoughts at the end of 30 days helps create a detailed road map to readjust your approach on what would work best over the next 30 days toward your objective.

Using smaller monthly time frames truly allows you to see progress, keeping motivation levels high, so everyone can succeed in their objective.

Use a System to Stay Focused and Achieve Goals

As entrepreneurs, Ingrid and I both needed a system to help us clarify our thoughts and create an action plan in a 30-day format, but were not able to find anything at the bookstore or online, so we created our own and successfully funded the printing of MY PATH Journal on Kickstarter.

Many people face the same problem of staying focused while achieving their goals and pursuing their vision. If achieving dreams and staying on track is what you need, segment the huge goal into smaller more manageable steps so you can stick to your action plan.

Empowering your 2017 vision is as simple as clarifying your dream, creating your intention and starting on your path.

What is your dream for 2017? Share it in the comments below.

David DuByne

David DuByne is co-creator of MY PATH Journal, Myanmar Arabica green coffee buyer and creator of ADAPT 2030. All made possible by measuring progress using an action plan in a 30-day format.

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