50 Best Tweets from Rocks Digital’s Social Media Day Celebration

Rock Digital’s Social Media Day 2015 CelebrationThe annual Rocks Digital Marketing Conference created to celebrate Social Media Day took place last week. Digital marketers, both local and national, came to discuss and celebrate Social Media Day and the inner workings of all that is digital marketing.

Rachel Morgan of Advice Interactive Group and Roxanne Roark of R3 Social Media have teamed up to bring you the best tweets of the conference. They are all short and sweet with plenty of actionable tips, tricks or tools to try! Or, we simply found them funny and couldn’t resist sharing them with you. Without further ado ….

Best Tweets from Rocks Digital – Social Media Day 2015

1. Natalie K. Gould ‏@nataliekgould
Free editorial calendar template for the blog topic workshop at #RocksDigital. Make a copy to edit it.

2. Meagan Ewton ‏@meaganewton
Don’t expect people to search for your profiles; make it easy for them. Put follower buttons on your website. @MartinSherv #RocksDigital

3. Heroic Search ‏@HeroicSearch
“It (Content) still has to have a lot of personality. You have to make it engaging.” @JaredCarrizales #RocksDigital

4. Grant Wickes ‏@gwickes
Link to Collections info by @MartinSherv (and @jaybaer) http://www.convinceandconvert.com/social-media-strategy/google-collections/ … #RocksDigital

5. Roxanne R. Roark ‏@r3socialmedia
Setup a circle with 50 people that you would love to be stuck on a plane with and have it notify you of posts. @MartinSherv #RocksDigital

6. Elayna Fernandez ‏@thePositiveMOM_
@gwright68 I love #Periscope! It’s fun and really engaging. A great way to connect, show your authentic self, and educate! #RocksDigital

7. Tony Cecala ‏@tonycecala
Negative online reputation can cost far more dollars than proactive #ORM. via @si1very #rocksdigital

8. Elayna Fernandez ‏@thePositiveMOM
@videojeremy BE AUTHENTIC. Help people authentically to be successful w/online video. People connect with people #RocksDigital #vidpowbam

9. Rachel Morgan ‏@rachelkmorgan
Don’t just create content because you think you’re supposed to. Content saturation is a real threat. #RocksDigital

10. Rachel Morgan ‏@rachelkmorgan
Free Facebook targeting how to: http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/facebook-targeted-posts/ #RocksDigital

11. Harrison Blum ‏@HarrisonBlum
“How often are we selling the features of our business instead of the benefits?” Buying is emotional. @ByronIngraham #RocksDigital

12. Roxanne R. Roark ‏@r3socialmedia
Build (your preso) for photos. Build for tweets..and go with the flow. @BrianKSullivan #RocksDigital #RockSlides

13. Rocks Digital ‏@RocksDigital
Track your brand Mentions – Be Vain #RocksDigital #Socialmediaday2015

14. Angela LeBrun ‏@Angela4design
RocksDigital: Buffer is a good tool to generate content ideas. HarrisonBlum #RocksDigital #SMDay

15. Jerod Morris ‏@JerodMorris
Find something in common with people to create a connection with them. This leads to conversion. ~ @thePositiveMOM_ #RocksDigital

16. Sara Aisenberg ‏@SaraAisenberg
“The reason Google shifts algorithms: they know HUMANS are their customer.” – Heather Nichols @TheBizFizz #RocksDigital @RocksDigital

17. Meagan Ewton ‏@meaganewton
Finding your brand voice & point of difference is essential not just in sales, but in all social marketing. @HarrisonBlum #RocksDigital

18. Roxanne R. Roark ‏@r3socialmedia
“If you don’t like where you are, change it.” @salespowertips #RocksDigital

19. Rocks Digital ‏@RocksDigital
@RandallsAdvice – the number 1 component that impacts online visibility is your present information. #RocksDigital #SMDay

20. Rocks Digital ‏@RocksDigital
Twitter: Don’t be afraid to tweet something!!! Find your style! Have Fun with it. #RocksDigital #SMDay @LissaDuty

Getting the hashtag name right is important when tweeting #rocksdigital #MondaysAreDevious #oops

22. Don Crow ‏@DonCrow
<em#Preach @YourSocialCoach “Capitalize first letters of handles and hashtags. More memorable and easier to read” #RocksDigital

23. Teresa Kulupka ‏@TeresaKulupka
Make it easy for others to retweet you by composing 100 character tweets #rocksdigital

24. Rocks Digital ‏@RocksDigital
LinkedIn keywords: where do you use them? Use them in your job Title and Professional headline #RocksDigital #SMDay @jnosal

25. Meagan Ewton ‏@meaganewton
Always Always ALWAYS check analytics. If you don’t know your #data, you don’t know your brand on social. #RocksDigital @EricTTung

26. Roxanne R. Roark @r3socialmedia
Setup a Google Profile and Page, complete with info about your website. Claim your local listing and get reviews. @MartinSherv #RocksDigital

27. Jared Carrizales @JaredCarrizales
Prospecting reporters that publish infographics – use “infographic” as a search term in Google News – @lorenbaker #RocksDigital

28. Rocks Digital @RocksDigital
You can be anonymous when researching or (Stalking) potential prospects on your LinkedIn Profile Settings @jnosal #RocksDigital

29. Harrison Blum @HarrisonBlum
Slides from yesterdays #RocksDigital Conference are available on @SlideShare: bit.ly/SMRocks. Thanks to everyone who made it out!

30. Grant Wickes @gwickes
Enjoyed presenting at #RocksDigital! Thanks @LissaDuty @IAmJohnSparks @jnosal Presentation: http://www.slideshare.net/gwickes/grant-wickes-photos-gadgets-apps-rocks-digital-june-2015

31. knox keith @knoxkeith
RT @ZellaRubyMedia: 13 Essential Elements of a Social Media Contest: https://www.rocksdigital.com/social-media-contest/ #socialmedia #contest #rocksdigital #marketing

32. RuthAntebiGuten @RuthAntebiGuten
RT @TechDevSWGuy: What would Lissa Duty’s costume be at #ComicCon2015 #RocksDigital

33. Rachel Morgan @rachelkmorgan
Who uses open-ended questions in Tweets?…See what I did there? #RocksDigital

34. Rocks Digital @RocksDigital
Twitter: capitalize effectively to make it easier to read. #RocksDigital #SMDay @LissaDuty

35. Rachel Morgan @rachelkmorgan
A lot of SEOs use Yoast SEO plugin for meta data and images for social profiles. #RocksDigital

36. Rocks Digital @RocksDigital
Always add a call to action on your Blog Post – #RocksDigital

37. Rachel Morgan @rachelkmorgan
Crawl your competitor’s sites using Screaming Frog>Internal Tab>Inlinks and it’ll show which pages are valued most. #RocksDigital

38. Zella Ruby Media @ZellaRubyMedia
RT @rachelkmorgan: Don’t know what to write about? Ask your customer service reps. #RocksDigital

39. Rachel Morgan @rachelkmorgan
In case you want to try Headline Analyzer: coschedule.com/headline-analy… #RocksDigital

40. Grant Wickes @gwickes
Listening to the @MartinSherv – messiah of @GooglePlus at @RocksDigital #RocksDigital https://twitter.com/gwickes/status/616007799005249536

41. Jared Carrizales @jaredCarrizales
Be proactive, crisis PR + PPC to help steer the message on the fly – @LissaDuty #RocksDigital

42. Randy Krum ‏@rtkrum Jun 29
It’s much easier to get onto page 1 of search results on Linkedin than it is on Google. Optimize your profile! @jnosal #RocksDigital

43. (Joe Youngblood) ‏@YoungbloodJoe Jun 29
Other SEO crawlers include Xenu and BeamUsUp http://beamusup.com/ #RocksDigital

44. (Joe Youngblood) ‏@YoungbloodJoe Jun 29Addison, TX
Client: I want to rank on this keyword but never use that keyword or anything related to it in my content #facepalm #seo

45. Rachel Morgan ‏@rachelkmorgan Jun 30
Try @BuzzSumo http://buzzsumo.com/. #RocksDigital @lorenbaker

46. Natalie K. Gould ‏@nataliekgould Jun 30
Here’s @rachelkmorgan and my #RocksDigital deck about link building and content on a baby budget: http://bit.ly/1NkucMZ

47. Jackie Bese ‏@atomicjackie Jun 30
love that at #RocksDigital is talking mobile! Be sure to have a mobile Email marketing strategy! (hint: text-to-join)

48. Natalie K. Gould ‏@nataliekgould Jun 30
NEVER pinky promise a black hat @YoungbloodJoe warns #RocksDigital

49. Roxanne R. Roark ‏@r3socialmedia Jun 29
“You can think of [your LinkedIn profile] as your real estate – your house For Sale sign in search results.” @jnosal #RocksDigital

50. (Joe Youngblood) ‏@YoungbloodJoe Jun 30
@rachelkmorgan says to use https://www.peopleperhour.com/ for stuff #SocialMediaDay2015 #RocksDigital

You can read the LIVE blogs from the conference and check out the photo highlights.

Did you celebrate Social Media Day 2015? Comment below and share your favorite moments.

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