Big Data is a Big Deal – Why and How to Cleanup Local Citations

When people are looking for your business, having the right information is crucial. However, businesses are not paying attention to the information available to searchers. You want your business information to be clear and more visible for people who are searching for you.

We should be focusing on location data legitimacy. Adequate data management is the core of the product offering for every syndication partner, and the base for a successful relation with its customer.

In a sample of 120,000 locations, Advice Local found:

• 69% gave the wrong brand name
• 97% gave the wrong display name
• 97% gave the wrong email
• 96% gave the wrong phone number
• 66% gave the wrong website URL
• 4% gave the wrong business hours

Inaccurate information that’s typically given includes:

• Wrong keyword or category for the type of business
• Corporate abbreviations or even brand name misspellings
• Address: PO box instead of physical location
• Address: wrong city, state, or ZIP
• Phone number: missing digits, vanity number, or forwarding number
• Wrong or non-functioning website

Why is this important? Because consistency is key! You will not have visibility, traffic, or conversions if your business information is inaccurate or inconsistent.

It takes 2 hours and 46 minutes to cleanse data “manually.” So Advice Local utilizes a platform that cleans the data, restores it, and syndicates it across multiple networks. The “cleaned up” information feeds to search engines, maps, local aggregators, rating and review websites, and more.

Data has shown that cleansing your data and streamlining the correct information can increase your customer actions effortlessly. When your visibility increases, you’ll see your conversions will too.

Briana Ford

Briana Ford is the President of Social Media Dallas, a professional organization that strives to drive conversation and educate members on how companies are leveraging social media to reach, engage, and, most importantly, drive revenue.

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