Bill Hartzer, Digital Marketing Expert to Speak About On-Page and Off-Page SEO

Bill Hartzer, Domain Authority at Rocks Digital Marketing Conference in Dallas 2017Bill Hartzer is an independent SEO Consultant. He relies on his 20 years of direct SEO experience to provide technical SEO audits of websites, as well as technical link audits and link cleanups. Bill is known worldwide for his research on the topic of search engine optimization and the new gTLD domain names, as well as Dot Brand domain names.

He is a frequent speaker and expert discussion panel participant at various conferences and events such as the SMX and PubCon. He is an official Brand Ambassador for Majestic and Bill writes for Practical eCommerce magazine, Web Marketing Today, Search Engine Journal, and many other online publications. He maintains a blog on his website,, and is one of the original founders of the Dallas/Fort Worth Search Engine Marketing Association.

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Everything You Must Know About On-Page and Off-Page SEO

SEO has evolved over the years and it’s alive and thriving in 2017. Some SEO concepts and techniques haven’t changed, but others must be adapted so they work. And, with mobile and local SEO being so important, you need to know what works and what doesn’t.

In this session, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about on-page and off-page SEO in 2017. Many on-page SEO techniques are against Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, while many techniques are encouraged by Google to make a site more accessible and crawlable. We’ll review what’s recommended and identify what will get a site penalized. We’ll also examine off-page techniques, including link building and social media marketing, that can be tricky as well.

Key takeaways include an on-page SEO checklist, new tips and tricks you can use to find more traffic for your site, and a review of off-page SEO techniques.

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