Break-Out Sessions 2013

DFW Rocks Social Media Day 2013 Conference Break-Out Sessions – June 29th

We have ten Break-Out Sessions for you to select from as you plan your schedule this day. Each session will last for 50 minutes and you will have a 10-minute break in between sessions to move from room to room. We will break from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm for an on-your-own lunch break.

9:00 am

Session: Defining a Marketing Strategy for Success
Speaker: Patty Farmer

Marketing Strategy, DFW Rocks Social MediaIn the 21st century many businesses start marketing their business without a real plan. You must know your message, know who your potential client is, and determine the best platforms and social sites to connect with this client. In this presentation, Patty will walk you through exercises to identify the answers to these questions and get you moving toward success in your marketing.



Session: The Power of Pictures: Effective Journalism & Video Broadcasting
Speaker: Jeff Brady

youtube_broadcastYou must tell a story with your content, whether you are writing a blog post, a status update, or recording a video. The bottom line: People will watch video more (and longer) than they will read. Video is more believable. If your web presence does not include video, it can be considered woefully inadequate (especially by 20-somethings). The price of entry is lower than ever and bandwidth / capacity is higher than ever.


Session: The World Has Gone Mobile: Why You Need to Join Them
Speaker: J.R. Atkins

Mobile Apps imageWe hear and see “Mobile Apps” on the street, in our office, in our home, on TV … there seems to be an app for everything. What about Mobile Apps for your Business? In this talk, J.R. will explore the difference between a Mobile Website and a Mobile App, Why the hype, Where is the value, Where might I use apps: CRM, Accounting, Customer Service, Human Resources; Where do I get these apps and how much do they cost? J.R. will inform, entertain and inspire you to grow and use technology to further your business and organizational goals.


 10:00 am

Session: Key Messages: Your Brand’s Stiletto Heel. Do the Platform Walk
Speaker: Rani Monson

Brand Messaging StilettoKey Messages are the stiletto heel of your brand – it’s the showcase. Understand how to create your own platform. Then, walk-the-talk! We’ll look at each platform to understand how to consistently communicate your key messages from platform to platform. Rani will have you covered from head to toe.



Session: Social Media Unplugged: Using your Social Media Skills Offline
Speaker: Chris Forbes

Social Media UnpluggedThe original Facebook was not a digital network, it was an actual book published by Harvard University which students used to network socially. Years before people were clicking “like,” sharing interests, posting photos, adding friends & followers, etc., social networking was taking place. This session unplugs the technology of social media and discusses how four basic interactions found in every social network (participating, networking, sharing and creating) are useful everywhere. If social media skills help you online, imagine what they can do for you offline!


Session: Intro to Blogging & Why It Matters
Speaker: Renee Groskreutz

wordpress_logoRenee will take you thru a three-step process in this session. Step 1: Decide the purpose of your blog, Categories, Titles and Curation vs. Original Creation, Blog Length and Blog Timing. Step 2: Individual exercises to gain focus for the blog, Platform and Legalities, Do you have the right set-up for you, Top plugins to get you started, Images, Are they legal, and Branding basics. Step 3: Getting it Social and process, The Social Process, The Blogging Calendar and Tools.


11:00 am

On-Your-Own Lunch – The Holiday Inn has arranged for a special $8.00 Lunch Menu which features several items for you to select from. This price includes your drink. Tax & Tip separate.  You’ll be given a menu when you arrive to make your selections that you will need to turn back into the registration desk.  Cash / Credit Card accepted by hotel to pay for your meal.  There are several other eating establishments centrally located to the venue, if you would prefer to eat outside of the hotel restaurant.

1:00 pm

Session: From Content Strategy to Content Production
Speaker: A.J. Wood

Content StrategyContent Strategy is not enough. You need to move from strategic conversation to productive output. You can talk about creating content; frequently releasing it, channels of distribution, socializing our content, adding SEO, and more, but a blank page is still empty at the end of the day. Learn how to quickly move from content strategy to content production; Jump-start your content production using some cool features in existing technology; Improve the reach of your stories with a few tips and tricks from SEO experts; Determine how to develop a production calendar to increase the frequency of your releases. Content Strategy is only half the equation. Content Production is what your customers want, need, and desire.

Session: How to Effectively Manage the Social Media Time Suck
Speaker: Lissa Duty

Social  Media Time SuckUsing social media to market your business online is important. Having time to manage your clients and actually do work is equally important. It seems business owners get online to post updates and participate in conversations; the next thing they know two or three hours have passed and they haven’t accomplished their initial reason for using social media. In this presentation, Lissa will show you how to divide your time, use social media with a purpose, what tools to use to post where, and how to get maximum impact, while saving your time for your real work.


2:30 pm

Session: It’s Not Stalking, It’s Follow Up
Speaker: Elizabeth McCormick

Marketing Automation

Featured in the business book, Women Entrepreneur Extraordinaire, this sales strategy is for sales teams, network marketers, and entrepreneurs. You will learn how to:  Immediately build rapport with a potential client at a networking event, Implement a proven system for dramatically increasing revenue and Integrate Social media Follow Up into a step by step plan that can be put into ACTION that very day!

Session: Pinterest As a Power Tool for Your Business
Speaker: Cynthia Sanchez

pinterest-logo-150x150Pinterest has quickly become one of the largest social networks. It has been proven to drive traffic and generate sales. In this presentation, Cynthia will teach you techniques to optimize your site, and Pinterest account to maximize your pinning efforts. Learn about SEO benefits and ways to use Pinterest for targeted marketing, and to build trust and loyalty with your clients or customers.



LIVE Blogger: Andi Reis
LIVE Tweeter: Aida Rojas



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