BURST The Social Media Bubble

Social Media Day Proclamation, Lissa DutyAre You Ready to BURST The Social Media Bubble?

One of the biggest mistakes that people make is that people register a social media account.

B – Branding

The first thing you need to think about when you do a social media account is your branding online and offline. Lissa uses burgundy in her clothing, marketing, etc. You need something that will tie you to your brand. She always hears, “Hey, I saw this burgundy shirt, and thought of you.”

Also, make sure that the person online syncs up to the person in real life.

U – Understanding

Make sure you know how to use the social media platform properly. Many people will use a platform and get upset that they are not getting the results they were looking for, because they are not using the social media platform properly.

(Lissa has drawn her success from Twitter)

I read some great tips about how to connect with people on Twitter, and used those tips to really connect with people. I always kept things genuine and really was able to get some great success.

S – Strategy

I use a lot of strategy. For example, today you have to pass ALL of the exhibitors in order to get to the food. Also, it puts everyone in the same place so that they will have a better chance of networking versus being able to go off and hide somewhere in a corner. I have been very strategic with all my planning. Also, being genuine really helps to get speakers to come to a conference like this. Neal was coming down here from Europe.

Think about what you are doing online, and offline, and think about your short and long term goals.

To backtrack lets talk about the ‘R’

R – Relationships

You have to have the offline relationships to have the online relationships. I met Patty offline and was able to develop a good relationship with her where we do a lot of business together. Tony also is connected with me as well. There are so many people here today that are not from Dallas.

T – Take action

It’s all about taking action. You have to do something that will get things going to get the momentum going. It’s about developing those key relationships which comes from taking action. Right now, you may not get some top names responding to you, but over time, you can and will if you continue to TAKE ACTION!


That’s how you BURST The Social Media Bubble!



Edgar Griggs

Edgar Griggs loves to learn about new technologies and high tech gadgets! You’ll find him at local events around the DFW Metroplex and sometimes blogging for websites like The Interestingly Cool Stuff Blog and his TrendHunter page at TrendHunter.com/CoolTrends!

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