Camera Shy? You Can Create Videos Without Appearing In Them

Old movie cameraVideos are a powerful tool to grow your business! It is ok if you are camera shy; you don’t always have to appear in the videos you create. Before we get started into that, here are a few video statistics for you.

YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine

  • Over 100 million Internet users watch a video every day
  • Videos increase people’s understanding by 74% of a product or service
  • One-third of all online activity is spent watching video
  • Average internet user is exposed 32.2 videos in a month

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How to create videos that promote your business

1. Slideshow Presentations

A simple way to present your product or service is to use a slideshow of images that you have taken about your product or service. This can either be set to music or with a voice-over narration. Utilizing this method will allow you to provide visual details of your product or service, as well as convey emotions with the voice-over.

2. Creative Commons Videos

Did you know that there are thousands of Creative Commons licensed videos on YouTube that you can utilize? These are videos that people have created for others to utilize. Videos of all types are available; you will just have to search for one that fits your needs. You can utilize the editor within YouTube to add things such as a voice over to highlight what you are marketing.

3. Animated Videos

Animated videos can fall into a few varieties: hand drawn videos and animated slides. You have probably seen some of these videos marketing various products or services online. These videos often tell a story via the text that is presented on each slide. If you don’t like the sound of your voice, but need to promote your business, utilizing one of these two types of videos is a powerful way to get your message out in front of people.

Even if you are not camera shy, sometimes leveraging the resources available to create different styles of videos, can give you a more engaging result. Using Google Hangouts to create a video is another recommended strategy. (Of course, you would be in the video with this format.)


What types of videos are you creating to promote your business? Share with everyone to let us know what you are up to.

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