Candy Barone – How to Rock Business for Explosive Growth

Candy Barone Rocks Digital 2015The Rock Talks presentations at the Rocks Digital Marketing Conference featured 5 experts, each presenting high energy, high impact TedX-style presentations.

Candy Barone was up first with a lively presentation that asked the question: “Are you being clear about your message?” Like most business owners you are looking for customers; however, before you start looking for customers, you need to ask yourself some important questions.

Questions to Ask About Your Business

  • What exactly is your core message?
  • What are you (and your business) trying to say?
  • Who are you trying to effect?

If you start your business without being clear on the answers to these questions, you can become easy distracted.

What will happen if you grow before you truly understand the purpose you and your business serve? Without knowing the WHY, you can become distracted by every new social media site and every shiny new digital marketing gadget that comes along.

The world (especially the internet) is full of bright and shiny objects that can pull your attention in multiple directions.

Should You Have:

  • a blog?
  • a podcast?
  • an email newsletter?

Should You Be on:

  • Twitter?
  • Facebook?
  • Pinterest?
  • Instagram?

The answers to these questions become clear once you are clear and focused about the core desires and objectives you want to build from. You have to be clear about the “WHAT” before you can be clear about the “WHY”.

You cannot be all things to all people and everyone is not your customer.

Has asking questions helped your business? Tell us your story!

To learn more about Candy Barone you can read her full bio on Rocks Digital.

Clara Mathews

Clara Mathews is the owner of Clarabela Media. She is a Content Marketing Strategist, Copywriter & Social Media Manager. She lives in Dallas with her sock-stealing terrier, Huckleberry.

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