Cracking the Networking CODE

Cracking the Networking CODE »

Everything on Social Media is about influence and persuasion. The goal is to put content on social media that starts conversations. You can be very active on social media and not be putting out content that anyone is interested in.

Social Content That Engages

Social Content That Engages »

Social Media is Social Content that Engages the Audience. Eric Tung presents at #DFWRocks2014. There are many ways to make your content very engaging with your audience. Adding images, graphs, quotes and call-outs can really help to grab your viewers attention. Always have a call to action. And, When on Twitter, tweet more than once about something. These are all some of the ways to engage your audience through Social Media content. Sharing A Link IS NOT ENOUGH!!!

#DFWRocks2014 #Selfie

#DFWRocks2014 #Selfie »

Come on, selfies are just part of the #funblogger job description.

J.R. Atkins saves the day!

J.R. Atkins saves the day! »

Who else could have a full presentation prepared should a speaker not show? J.R. Atkins is who. Talking all things social media Read more…

Tifany Henderson Wins Door Prize!

Tifany Henderson Wins Door Prize! »

Organizer Lissa Duty said she needed an "Easy Button" this week, so she gave one to Tifany. Here's to an "easy" week ahead, Tifany!