Chris Silver Smith to Speak on Online Reputation Management

Chris Silver Smith, Reputation Management Expert to present at Rocks Digital Marketing Conference 2015Chris Silver Smith on Repairing and Safeguarding Your Brand Online

Chris Silver Smith is founder and CEO of Argent Media, a local search marketing agency. He has an extensive background in search engine optimization, online marketing, and online reputation management. In the past, Chris has worked for some of the top agencies in the SEO industry, and he helped pioneer and many of the basic strategies and techniques for SEO, local SEO, Image SEO and social media marketing. He has provided search marketing strategies for a number of Fortune 500 and Internet Retailer 500 companies.

At Argent Media, Chris provides online reputation management and repair services for large companies as well as for individuals, and he has provided expert witness consulting on legal cases involving trademark infringement, SEO and online defamation cases.

Chris is a longtime writer for Search Engine Land, and he recently started writing a column at Marketing Land on online reputation issues and tactics. Chris currently serves on the advisory boards for Universal Business Listing and Thomson-Reuters FindLaw.

Presentation Details

Reputation Management: Repairing & Safeguarding Your Brand Online

Your online reputation has become synonymous with yourself, and it is vital to virtually anything you want to do in life today, whether as a business or as an individual. Consumers search for businesses’ names online and check out their reviews before selecting who they’ll go to, and prospective employers (or prospective dates) will search individuals’ names to see if they have any black marks before choosing to meet you.

It’s all too easy for a past misstep to sandbag your future prospects and it’s all to frequent that someone will take a disliking to you and try to take you down a few notches online.

In this session he’ll explain how you can clean up your presence online if you have something out there holding you back and touch on the things you need to do as part of proactive reputation management to insulate yourself from possible future damaging items that can show up for your name.

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