Clicks = Sales: Power Sales Tips for a Social World By Debbie Mrazek

social_media_day_2013These are notes taken at the DFW Rocks Social Media Day 2013 presentation by Debbie Mrazek – Clicks = Sales: Power Sales Tip for a Social World

Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You

How many people out there have people who have customers that do what they say they will do, pay you on time, etc?

How many out there have customers that pays late, always want something for nothing, etc.?

There was a man, Albert,  Debbie knew about that if you could get into business with him you could really do some amazing things. She met the man at his house, and he said, “You’re cute, but we don’t do business with women.” Debbie ran back to her boss, and her boss said, “Too bad. You need to figure it out.”

Debbie went back to another person, and was told that she didn’t look right. Debbie exploded. Then the person asked if she looked like Leon? Leon wore the dark rimmed glasses with the tape in the middle, with a slide rule in his pocket.

Debbie was confused at first, but then realized something. When she dressed up the first time, she was trying to mimick someone else when she needed to focus more on just being herself.

To prospect, research, engage, and close with the intention to do business. In social media people are excited about the technology, and doing other things , but few have looked at how to use social media TO MAKE MONEY!!!

At 25, Debbie thought that her boss was just a tyrant, but it turned out that he was one of the more brilliant people around. 90% of the sales are made by 10% of the people.


What are they doing differently than others? Making a forecast!

  • How much business do you want to do?
  • How much money do you want to make?
  • How many items do you want to sell?

If you don’t have a plan, you need to make one.

Terry Pritchard, who needs a kidney transplant, was someone that greatly inspired Debbie. Even when Debbie was doing great in her sales department, Terry kept riding her about doing more. What Debbie didn’t realize was that he wanted her to diversify. She was young, and didn’t need to rest on her laurels. She needed to branch out and do more.



Most people don’t know what they sell. You need to know what you sell, and what you really want to do. Most people hate what they do. To some people it seems ridiculous to love sales, but DEBBIE LOVES SALES.


If you don’t really love what you do, then you need to ask yourself – WHY NOT???


Also, do you like talking about money (be honest). When you go into meet with a client you should DEFINITELY be talking about money.


Anyone get this question, “I just want to pick your brain…” ; “I just want to ask you something…”?


Here is the thing, when people come to you for advice, do you ever invoice those people? In one example, a woman that she advised to go back to her desk, and invoice the people that she had given advice to. The woman ended up getting $1,000.

Social media is affecting you right now. For most business owners, many of which are running their business by themselves, they are not using social media because they do not understand the technology.


As the Kate Buck Jr said in her presentation, “If you haven’t started now, you are already too late”.

Chase Bank tagline: Relationship is everything

Debbie has people that she does business with now because she did business with them 25 years ago. This was BEFORE the internet. Today  it is so much easier to keep in contact with people, and yet people are not using the resources out there to do so.

Rule 250 – Each and everyone knows 250 people

Who needs more business? Well, if you know 250 people, then each person that you know also knows 250 people. There are so many relationships that can be created by reaching out to people, and asking them to help you reach out even more.

When you get business from referrals, those people are right on the money. If you are a one person company, you can not possibly know everything. So if you need to do a project, and part of it involves something that you don’t know how to do, then you need to find those that can do those parts, and see if you hire them, or barter with them to get things done.

Ask yourself this: are you looking for people that you only do business with once, or are you looking for people that you will be doing business with for a lifetime?

LinkedIn is still the Number 1 place to do business. If you see someone on there that you would like to get in contact with, don’t make the excuse that you do not want to contact them because you don’t know them. Their being on LinkedIN gives you the permission you need to get in contact with them. Also, remember that if you want

ABC – Always Be Closing – This is bullying, and the wrong way to think about this

Always Be CARING – People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care

Be consistent – be who you are.

Be curious – ask open-ended questions. Write out what you need to know about a potential client before you talk to that person on the phone.

Be concise and to the point – don’t bore

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