The 5 Most Common Mistakes of Social Media Newbies

Newbie Social Media MistakesI remember what it was like first starting out using social media to build a presence online. So many marketers make it look easy. But the fact is, there are certain pitfalls that can trip you up if you’re not careful.

Common Mistakes That are Made by Social Media Newbies

With so many people online now, it has become even harder to get social media posts seen. There are so many ways to drown in all the online noise. If you are a beginner in marketing yourself on social media, it’s almost guaranteed you’re making a few of the most common mistakes. And without correcting these things, social media marketing can become time-consuming, expensive and even painful. So, learn from the mistakes others have made and save yourself lots of time, grief, and money!

Mistake #1: Not Updating Your Social Media Profile Picture

Solution: In order to establish authority and trust on social media it’s important to have a great profile and part of that includes uploading a great picture. Your picture is a lot like your logo and it should represent how you want others to see you. Without one, your social media profile will be incomplete and it can look like you are either lazy or don’t have much to say about yourself.

Mistake #2: Posting Pitches Constantly

Solution: If your social media feed does nothing but talk about you, your products and your services, your audience will not be interested. You need to find and create relevant, useful content that your fans would like and share. This is not to discourage you from promoting yourself and your brand – just keep in mind most of your followers are thinking “so how does that apply to me?” Think of applying the standard 80/20 rule, which suggests only directly promoting your pitch no more than 20% of the time.

Mistake #3: You’re Not on a Consistent Schedule

Solution: Maintaining your social media feeds is a never-ending job. It is important to devote a little time to it every day, even if you get help from an assistant. (Be sure to read A Simple Daily Survival Plan for Social Media here on the Rocks Digital Blog.)

The brands that are most active on social media get the best results because their audience tends to rely on fresh, useful content for them to consume. You don’t need to overwhelm yourself. Carve out time that suits your lifestyle, leverage online services like Hootsuite and Buffer, then monitor – even if it’s only a few minutes a day – so you can regularly respond to comments and likes.

Mistake #4: Your Social Media Posts Have No Clear Purpose

Solution: Stick to relevant posts that are designed to connect and relate to your area of expertise. It’s okay to digress and get off-topic once in a while and even show your personal side, but your main focus should be on sharing content that cements you as the “specialist” in a certain area. It’s much harder to sell the idea that you are good at everything, and that can lead to pushing readers away to someone they perceive can help them with a specific solution to a challenge they are facing.

Mistake #5: Talking at (Not with) Your Readers in a One-Way Exchange

Solution: When people comment or ask questions on your page, it’s important to respond. Reply to comments and make new followers feel welcome. This shows that you’re an approachable, responsive brand that cares what people think. Engagement is about setting the tone for two-way dialogue and creating a conversation that helps people know, like, and trust you.

Now that you know the top 5 mistakes and how to avoid them, you’ll be miles ahead of other online brands trying to get attention on social media. Take this newfound knowledge and begin building your social media presence with confidence today!

Did you make any of these social media mistakes when you were just starting out? Share your story with us in the comments below.

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