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Natalie Gould Rachel Morgan Rocks Digital 2015 GroupYou know your company needs to do more content marketing to drive more traffic to your company’s website. But what can you do to create more content when your company has a ‘baby budget’ for content marketing? Natalie Gould and Rachel Morgan give us 6 ways to create content and SEO on a baby budget.

6 Ways to Create Content and SEO on a Baby Budget


1. Finding writers to create your content

You can hire a team of writers in-house

  • Linkedin
  • Referrals
  • Job boards

You can also use freelance writers

  • People for Hire
  • UpWork (Elance)
  • Agencies

2. Link building on a budget

Search engines, like Google, Bing and Yahoo judge your site based on links. Links equal popularity and tracking your brand mentions using tools like Google Alerts or Social Mentions will help you know which sites are linking to you.

3. Fix That Janky Website

Bad links will send your customers away from your website. Use Google Webmaster Tools to find and repair broken links and 404 errors.

4. Go Local or Go Home

Sites such as your local Chamber of Commerce or Better Business Bureau will help you build valuable links back to your website. You can also use local link directories such Yelp, Angie’s List and Hot Frog to build hyper local links.

5. Get Popular

Claim 1000 social media profiles using

6. Be a Know It All

Sign up for a free, basic plan with HARO, where professional journalists can use you a a resource in a news story.  Create the kind of content your audience wants to read.

  • Show off your photography and demand credit for it (Tool Tip:
  • Blog at least once per week
  • Refresh old content
  • Infographics (Tool Tip:  Pictochart,, )
  • Create FAQs
  • Lists
  • Video (Tool Tip: WeVideo, Animoto, YouTube Editor, Magisto)
  • How Tos
  • Resource Pages
  • eBooks

There is plenty of low hanging fruit that your business can use to build links on a budget. Which one will you chose?

To learn more about Natalie Gould and Rachel Morgan you can read their full bios on Rocks Digital.

Clara Mathews

Clara Mathews is the owner of Clarabela Media. She is a Content Marketing Strategist, Copywriter & Social Media Manager. She lives in Dallas with her sock-stealing terrier, Huckleberry.

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