Does Content Copy Length Motivate or Immobilize Your Readers?

Yes, that’s the question – a question about content copy length that’s been asked over and over again: Should I write long copy or short copy?

More often than not, I hear many of my writing clients say, “Our prospects are busy and they won’t read long copy.” My response is usually: If your message resonates with them they will read on.

“Just Right” Content Copy Length

And, I add that it’s important to write as much as you need to in order to get your message across. When the content of your copy pushes prospects’ buttons and reveals a solution that makes their lives and/or jobs easier, it motivates them to take action.

I was therefore stoked when I came across the infographic below by Neil Patel called “How much copy should you write on your homepage?” posted on QuickSprout’s blog.

I was thrilled to see the section that said, “Make the page as long as it needs to be. It requires as much copy as is necessary to help people complete the task at hand.” This gem is in alignment with my own philosophy of writing copy.

How Much Copy Should You Write on Your Homepage?
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout

Content Copy Length Guidelines Also Apply To Print

Plus, I love that Neil referred to my mentor, Gene Schwartz, and his States of Awareness I shared here on the Rocks Digital blog and which are also covered in Chapter 3 of my book, Millionaire Marketing on a Shoestring Budget™.

While Neil’s post refers to homepage content, I will add that these guidelines apply to print materials such as direct mail sales letters as well. When you’re looking at sales pages (vs. “home” pages), you may find those that run on and on (i.e., printed out it might be 15–20 pages) can get cumbersome indeed.

When you sit down to write your own copy, always keep your goal and your audience in mind. Then turn to some of the points highlighted in this infographic. Use them as guidelines, and you should do just fine.

Have a tip you want to share about copy length? What has worked for you? Long or short? Please comment below.

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