Creating Website Content That Rocks SEO & Conversions

Exceptional Content Drives Traffic and Website Conversions

Content is one of the main pillars of a digital marketing strategy. From service pages, location pages and blog posts to sales copy, content is what converts. A website’s content should be search engine optimized and appeal to consumers.

At Rocks Digital, we understand that content can make or break a digital marketing campaign. And it’s not just the quality of the material that matters – it’s also how it gets promoted online.

We have helped businesses throughout the United States with website content, infographics, guides and blog posts that customers can’t wait to see. Since a searcher’s attention span is short, competition is intense. You need a digital marketing agency that understands what it takes to create content that will attract your business’ targeted audience – and hold their interest until they are ready to click buy.

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Engaging Content Is Developed With Customers in Mind

Publishing online content has progressed way beyond the occasional blog post or social media update. With research, we can effectively determine what your ideal customer is searching for and create the content to support it. Our content team will uncover what is working in your industry, and then develop a content strategy to get it created.

Hopefully your business and/or brand has a clear identity. It’s extremely important that your website’s content represents these ideas and values. Content that resonates with your customers and also satisfies the search engines is hard to come by. At Rocks Digital we know customers deserve exceptional content, and we will create it.

How Can Quality Content Help a Business Grow?

Content powers all marketing and communication. Think about this – when you are talking to a customer, you are using words. This is content. Hopefully you thought through what you were going to say, and crafted the delivery so that they understand – and in a way that motivates them to take action. Even when it’s not written words, it’s still content. If you have a sales brochure or marketing one-sheet for customers to learn about your product or services, that is content. Content is at the very core of a business’ success.

And online content has to do even more – it has to attract search engines based on keywords that are identified with your products and/or services. Just as you would carefully craft a sales pitch to close a deal, your website content needs this same kind of thoroughness.

The content has to be easily understood by the reader, compel them to want to keep reading, or click to buy or take action. The content can’t be stuffed with keywords, either. All the words need to flow naturally and succinctly, while also answering questions that a consumer would ask via a search engine, voice assistant, or if you were on the phone with them, ask you directly. Creating content like this takes talent. And for local businesses, the content also needs to be optimized for local searches.

Your website service pages, social media posts, email messages, guides, infographics and sales copy are all elements of online content. At Rocks Digital we absolutely know content, and focus on two main pillars in the content creation process.

Content Writing

Content writing plays a crucial role in the success or failure of an online business. If your articles and sales copy lack a defined voice, your communication becomes jarring and lacks cohesion. At Rocks Digital, we take the time to understand your brand values and what customers expect from you. Every piece of content we create becomes infused with your individual voice. This means when a visitor looks at your website they will stay longer, showing Google you are a valuable resource. And don’t worry if you have a stash of old content that isn’t getting any love from search engines, because we can revamp old stale content and give it new life.

Content Marketing

Many businesses develop content, but without a clear path in mind. At Rocks Digital, we create a cohesive content marketing plan, and our experience here benefits the business and the consumer. Consider this: Does your ideal audience consume a specific style of content? Are you promoting your posts in the places where your audience spends their time? The Rocks Digital team has the knowledge and technology to find the answers. From your website to third-party platforms, our content marketing approach amplifies your messages and grows brand awareness.

How to Get Started With a Content Plan

At Rocks Digital, we develop a custom content plan that meets your needs and your budget. The aim is to produce exceptional results based on the goals of your business. When crafting a content strategy for a business, we do the following.

  • Define goals
  • Research the business’ audience
  • Determine the right content channels
  • Decide on the style and tone of the material
  • Develop content based on a schedule
  • Promote and amplify content
  • Analyze results

Frequently Asked Questions About Content Creation

Content that is crafted properly will place higher in the organic search results, which ultimately will attract a new audience to your business’ website.

Every single day, a vast amount of content is produced. Effective content stands out by speaking directly to your ideal audience, providing them with the information they are seeking.

Absolutely. An effective content marketing strategy can increase sales in multiple ways. Sales content might be developed to encourage an immediate purchase. Alternately, blog posts increase brand awareness using a long-term approach to convert more sales. Answering key questions through a business’ website content is essential. This ensures the business will get more search traffic – and close more details.

When it comes to publishing content, more is always better. Websites that are publishing content more often will get indexed more frequently by Google. The more Google looks at a business’ website, the higher its placement in search results can potentially be.

Publishing new content is one of the more common ways to get more search traffic. Updating existing content, adding new sections to service pages, adding frequently asked questions, plus optimizing content for the featured snippet are also important strategies to implement. What you don’t want is to use a siloed approach in your business’ content strategy. This can be fatal for your business and your website.

Rocks Digital Creates Content That Gets Results

There is nothing better than creating a content piece that is getting a high click-through, low bounce rate – and conversions for a customer. The team at Rocks Digital is experienced in developing content that delivers. Let’s develop a content plan that suits your brand and engages consumers today. Call (214) 989-7549 or contact us online to learn more about our content creation services.



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    Their Local Business Websites Rock

    Rocks Digital knows how to build local business websites that convert prospects to customers. Not only do I recommend them to work on my reputation management client’s websites, but they work on the Reputation Sensei brand, too.
    - Chris Snellgrove

    They Customize Their Solutions

    Rocks Digital customizes to meet their client’s needs. We needed our existing website optimized for search. We are now placing for more industry keywords and continue to improve. They consult with our in-house team on content optimization, manage our GMB listing & more.
    - Greta Valenti

    Highly Recommend

    Rocks Digital manages not only the Association of Directory Publishers website, but our Trusted Local Directory. From helping us get our event information on the website to producing guides, blogs and new content, they have what it takes.
    - Cindi Aldrich