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Rocks Digital 2018

John Marrone presented a motivational closing keynote at the 2018 Rocks Digital Marketing Conference. Here is the highlights from this presentation on how to create the ultimate you.

John Marrone’s Started With Sharing His Personal Story

I coach CEOs and businesses and I can show you that you can have it all. Every time I do a conference, one of the things I talk about is information vs. implementation. Information is good but implementation is what makes the shift / change happens.

  • Let’s talk about John Marrone, 7 to 14, drug addict, depressed, homeless.
  • Not knowing where your next meal is coming from is not a good feeling.
  • Not knowing if your parents are coming home is not a good feeling.

You don’t have to come from a bad home life in order to understand what I have been through.

Fast forward – John Marrone – drug addict, homeless, alone, but this time it was all me.

Later on in life, I met my wife and met a man by the name of John Moratto. John looked at me and said, “I see something in you…”

To continue on with his story – John had just bought a new house, and hurricane Sandy came on. I didn’t think we had to leave. Around 8 o’ clock we are playing Monopoly and I hear a sound and see the water rising. After the foundation broke, we had to be saved by a wave runner. This got me to thinking about finding out how people are able to be successful even after facing high levels of adversity.

First Step To Success – Creating the Ultimate Version of You

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable – this is important. You have to get to a point where you can be comfortable with being uncomfortable in order to make the shift you need in your life to be successful.

Goal Setting – Why Is It Important?

Writing down your goals improves your chances of achieving them.

Don’t worry about the how. You will have a better chance of achieving your goals if you focus on the what and not on the how.

Best Practices on How to Win at Goal Setting

  1. Create a Living Life List – 50 must do’s.
  2. Create a Legacy: 20 year, 10 year, 5 year, 3 year and 1 year goals.
  3. Create goals in these equities of life.

Types of Goals to Set

  • Personal, relationship, professional, financial and health (mental, physical and spiritual).
  • Be specific with exact dates on the 3rd and 1st year.
  • Top 5 yearly goals and the “why” behind it and the emotion you feel behind it.
  • Create a yearly vision board.
  • Celebrate small wins.

Years ago, John was told by doctors that he could not have kids. This put him into a downward spiral. Then he found a doctor that said there is an operation that can help him have children, but it only works 30% of the time.

After having the operation, he and his wife tried and tried, but still she wasn’t pregnant yet. In the last month, the doctor called him in to say that it was time for them to consider adoption, and other options. We told the doctor that we respected his opinion, but that we had a certain time period for the operation to work, and that time was not up yet.

John’s wife called me up one day, and told him that she had two things in her hand. A pregnancy test, and a Red Bull. And depending upon what happens with the one thing, she may or may not be chugging that Red Bull. Well, today they have a beautiful daughter that is truly his heart.

John then challenged the audience by saying “Show me your rituals and I will show you your future”.

Daily Rhythm to Implement for Creating the Ultimate Version of You

  1. Put your feet on the ground.
  2. Drink a glass of water (being dehydrated is a huge reason many of us cannot focus or feel on top of our game, so start strong).
  3. Make your bed.
  4. Gratitude list and affirmation.
  5. Create daily “must crush” list (for all equities of life), created off of knowing what the goal is for the week in each of these equities. (Ideally creating a list of 1 big goal for each equity each week to create the best version of you). Put this in your calendar.
  6. Workout, yoga, meditate, run.
  7. Eat a healthy breakfast.

(1 – 7 all done before you pick up your phone or computer, unless for music)

  1. Motivation and inspirational quotes or videos or read.

Keep things in perspective.

Follow the 3 – 2 – 1 Rule

When a negative outcome happens or you’re stuck in a negative emotion use the “3-2-1” rule.

  • 3 minutes of living in that emotion, sad, depressed, angry, etc. feeling that emotion fully.
  • 2 minutes of owning that emotion and figuring out what you could have done differently.
  • 1 minute to let that emotion go.

Element the Bad Words Your Parents Allowed You to Say

I have to make calls.

  • I get to make calls.

I should make that extra call or I should go to the gym.

  • I must make that extra call, I must go to the gym

I can’t make that much money this year.

  • I can make that much money this year.

It is what it is

  • It is what I make it

I’m surviving, or just another day

  • I’m living!

It’s All About Self Awareness

All of the other things (focus, determination, etc.) falls under this umbrella.

Just ask yourself these 2 questions…

1. When you have a decision to make ask yourself: “Will this get me closer to my goals or move me further away from my goals?”

2. How important is your WHY really to you? If your ‘why’ doesn’t make you cry then it may not be a strong enough ‘why’.

Remember This…You have to be the one that makes the miracle in your life!

Edgar Griggs

Edgar Griggs loves to learn about new technologies and high tech gadgets! You’ll find him at local events around the DFW Metroplex and sometimes blogging for websites like The Interestingly Cool Stuff Blog and his TrendHunter page at!

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