PPC Expert, Dan Thies, to Share Essential PPC Strategies at #RocksDigital 2017 Workshop

Dan Thies, PPC Expert to Speak at Rocks Digital Marketing Conference in Dallas 2017Dan Thies is the co-founder of the Marketer’s Braintrust, a small agency focused on marketing strategies for startup and growth stage businesses established in 2009.

Dan has been helping his clients and friends promote their businesses online since Netscape emerged. He is the author of Search Engine Optimization Fast Start, one of the most popular SEO books of all time, along with The Search Marketing Kit from SitePoint Publishing.

As one of the earliest “search marketers,” Dan’s approach from the very beginning has been to combine SEO and paid search campaigns into a single strategy. He is also one of the first SEO practitioners to recognize and exploit paid search listings to drive traffic and build links.

When GoTo.com launched in 1998, Dan was one of the first marketers to run ads on the platform, and he has been running Google Adwords campaigns since 2001.

Today Dan manages a diverse array of campaigns for clients from retailers to local service providers. He is also a strategy coach for dozens of small marketing agencies and in-house teams through his PPC working group.

Dan’s popular “Core PPC” training program has helped thousands of businesses (large and small) win more customers, and its recent updates reflect the significant changes from Google and Bing over the past year.

Workshop Details

Essential PPC Strategies for 2017

In this 90-minute workshop, Dan Thies will focus on helping beginning-to-intermediate advertisers get up-to-speed to get campaigns running profitably as quickly as possible.

As Dan says, “the advanced practitioners are likely to catch a few ‘head slappers’ as well” because each section has a few golden nuggets for everyone.

Dan has divided this workshop into three sections. Here’s a brief outline of each:

1. Keyword Strategy and Budgeting

In this section, you will learn how to identify the top keywords, reverse engineer the keyword strategy of competitors, plus how to forecast the likely ROI for each keyword.

Discussion will include significant pros and cons of using Dynamic Search Ad campaigns for keyword discovery. Google pushes them hard, but not everyone should use them.

2. Targeting Locally – for Local and Non-Local Businesses

Local advertising via Adwords and Bing is one of the most complex and poorly understood subjects in all of marketing.

In this section, Dan will cover the top 4 ways to rapidly improve the performance of local campaigns. Attendees will learn how to analyze geographic differences to squeeze more appointments, leads, and sales out of a limited budget.

3. Winning the Retail Wars with Shopping Campaigns

For a retailer selling physical products whether online, locally, or both, running shopping campaigns via Adwords and Bing is the fastest and easiest way to make more sales quickly.

In this section, you’ll learn about a little-known strategy for targeting buyers who already have their wallets out – and avoiding searchers who are purely in the research stage. Retailers should not run Google or Bing campaigns without first possessing this knowledge.

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