Dave Carberry, Geo-Targeting Ad Specialist, to Present Rocks Talk on Geo-Targeting in a Mobile World

Dave Carberry, Geo-Targeting MobileDave Carberry is the Founder and CEO of Washington/Baltimore based Enradius, specializing in geo-targeted ad placement. Dave started his career in television and radio at various companies including CBS, Scripps, and Infinity. He has worked with well-known personalities like Ken Rosenthal, Glenn Beck, and Howard Stern.

He went on to help grow a regional web development firm, learning SEO and spawning products like Targetware and Instantposition.com. He also helped create web presence for rising bands like rock/jam group O.A.R. and went on to head-up product sales and lead the search division at AOL’s Ad.com. He was the first regional digital director for Radio One based in Washington DC.

Dave is innovative and enjoys brainstorming with SMBs as well as start-ups to create a unique identity to stand out. He has even written a couple of children’s travel books. Dave lives in Baltimore and travels around the country speaking at conferences and working the Enradius client base.

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Geo-Targeting in a Mobile World

Mobile marketing and geo-targeting have exploded, and it’s no secret that our mobile behaviors are getting tracked more than ever. Google and Facebook are dominating the marketplace with strategies to engage audiences and generate billions in ad revenue, while companies like Verizon are trying to reinvent and capture the marketplace with audience data and segmentation. Dave will explore the various ways companies are capturing your habits online and in-store. He will also explore what’s next for targeting in the dominating mobile and video landscape, and how to reach an ever-moving audience in their homes.

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