Host of The Dean’s List, Dean Lindsay, to Inspire and Motivate in His Rocks Talk at Rocks Digital 2017

Dean LindsayDean Lindsay is a Business Author, TV Host, Sales and Customer Service Speaker. An authority on harnessing human potential and creating authentic business growth, Dean is an engaging and highly sought-after business consultant with over 17 years of experience helping build Engaged, PROGRESS-Based Cultures.

He believes that “progress is change but not all change is progress.” Dean advocates that people become Progress Agents and “Be Progress.”

His three books, Big PHAT Goals, The PROGRESS Challenge, and Cracking the Networking CODE have sold over 100,000 copies worldwide and have been translated into Chinese, Hindi, Polish, Korean, Spanish and Greek.

A couple bits of trivia about Dean: he served as LeAnn Rimes’ on-set acting coach on both a Hallmark Movie of the Week and the soap opera, Days of Our Lives. Plus he played one of the bad guys in TWISTER, the Warner Brothers blockbuster.

He lives in the Dallas suburbs with his wife Lena and their two strong, wonderfully nutty daughters, Sofia and Ella.

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Big PHAT Progress

How can you achieve big PHAT progress if you don’t really understand what progress is?

Learn how to:

  • Make wiser, more progress-based decisions
  • Commit to the habit of strong progress-based action
  • Actually reach goals – both professional and personal

In this Rocks Talk, Dean will define what progress really is, explore and explain the 6 P’s of progress, and how they translate into everything you do each day to achieve your big PHAT goals!

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