DFW Rocks 2013 Conference Highlights

The DFW Rocks 2013 Social Media Day Conference was a great success!

Again, this year, so many excellent authorities in the industry  generously volunteered their time and expertise to make for a Social Media Day conference that will be remembered throughout 2013. The experts included: J.R. Atkins, Lori Barber, Jeff Brady, Kate Buck Jr., David Leonnig, Lissa Duty, Elysa Ellis, Chris Forbes, Patty Farmer, Renee Groskreutz, Nico Martini, Elizabeth McCormick, Rani Monson, Debbie Mrazek, John J. Nosal, Eddie Reeves, Cynthia Sanchez, Johnny Tan, Doug Vermeeren and A.J. Wood.

The 2013 conference was two days, Saturday, June 29th and Sunday, June 30th. The first day featured Break-Out Sessions that will provided practical hands-on exercises and strategies for attendees to expand their business, not only ONLINE, but OFFLINE. The second day featured all attendees in one room learning, sharing and motivating each other to be more socially savvy and move forward in marketing their businesses online through the POWER of Social Media.

Break-Out Sessions

  • Defining a Marketing Strategy for Success
  • The Power of Pictures: Effective Journalism & Video Broadcasting
  • The World Has Gone Mobile: Why You Need to Join Them
  • Key Messages: Your Brand’s Stiletto Heel. Do the Platform Walk
  • Social Media Unplugged: Using Your Social Media Skills Offline
  • Intro to Blogging & Why It Matters
  • From Content Strategy to Content Production
  • It’s Not Stalking: It’s Follow Up
  • How to Effectively Manage the Social Media Time Suck
  • Pinterest As a Power Tool for Your Business

Check out photo gallery from June 29th!

Social Media Day Presentations

  • Morning Coffee with Johnny Tan, Relationship Expert
  • Facebook Marketing Strategies for Guaranteed Success
  • Clicks = Sales: POWER Sales Tips for a Social World
  • The Google Effect: Google+ & Google Search
  • DIY SEO: Search Engine Optimization for the Everyday Joe
  • Growing Your Social List: Connections, Conversations and Conversions
  • Social Impact: How Social Media Affects Our Decisions
  • Social Media Q &  A Expert Panel

Check out the photo gallery from June 30th!

This conference was NOT another one of those blah blah blah newbie conferences! This event was for everyone, no matter what their skill level or technical ability. Everyone  walked away with pockets full of new skills, tips and ideas. The audience consisted of small business owners, consultants, and individuals.

In short, this conference provided the attendees with ROCK-solid information and tips on how to be a Social Media POWERHOUSE.