Getting Visual – DFW Rocks Social Media 2014

Getting Visual Track – DFW Rocks Social Media Break-Out Session – June 29

The DFW Rocks Social Media 3rd annual conference will feature 35 presentations with locally and nationally recognized experts that are at the top of their game in the industry.

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Creating Contagious Content: The Psychology of Going Viral Online
Brian Sullivan

Brian Sullivan, Presenter at DFW Rocks Social Media Day 2014 in DallasRecent scientific research suggests that certain emotional triggers hold the secret to making your content go viral. With so many social channels, your contagious content can spread like wildfire. People can favorite, download, translate, share, retweet, post, embed, and more. As you create your content, you will want to use these emotional triggers, massage your message, and time your delivery. You can create contagious content that compels your customers.


Why Photos Rule the Internet
Tony Cecala

Tony Cecala, Speaker for DFW Rocks Social Media Conference in Dallas, TexasDo you want your message shared far and wide? Of course you do.! Learn why photos rule the internet and learn how you can maximize your media shares with photos and imagery. We will review epic photo moments and what made them epic. We will cover the factors that go into an epic photo and how you can maximize the chance that your photo will “go viral.”



What I Learned After 2 Million Views on YouTube
A.J. Wood

A.J. Wood, Speaker DFW Rocks Social Media 2014Join A.J. Wood as he shares a YouTube case study using his series “I Create Content”. Learn the difference between brainstorming Content Strategy, and executing Content Production. Hear what worked for A.J., and what didn’t work along with lessons learned.



No Buzz Words Allowed Social Marketing
Mason Pelt

Mason Pelt, Speaker at DFW Rocks Social Media Dallas ConferenceIf you want to learn how to run ads on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or YouTube without hearing the words big data this is the place. Mason will show what happens when you pair the followers of an emerging artist with the reach and influence of a brand and promote them both across Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Spotify, Pandora and Radio. Cross channel marketing is a must needed strategy for online advertising success.


J Schuh, DFW Rocks Social Media EmceeJ Schuh, Getting Visual Track emcee. He is known around the world for his knowledge of design and design tools. He is a author, speaker, educator, illustrator and animator. You will get the chance to know him today as he introduces each speaker and shares his thoughts and insights on the power of social media.
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