Rock Your Social Media Experts – DFW Rocks 2014

Rock Your Social Media 12 Expert Track – June 29

This year the 3rd annual DFW Rocks Social Media Conference is going to feature a special Rock Your Social Media track for you, the business owner, to maximize your learning in bite size pieces on 12 impactful topics that will take your business from A to Z. Each expert will present for 15 minutes 5 key points.

The Maximum Impact for Online Visibility
Tim Gillette

Essentials for Effective Websites
Robin Moss

Impactful SEO Changes You Can Do Yourself
John Nosal

Social Content that Engages & Converts
Eric T. Tung

YouTube Video for Branding
Mark Zamora

Using Images to Create Conversation
Debbie Saviano

5 Facebook Page Maximizing Strategies
Lissa Duty

How to Tweet to Reach a New Audience
Aida Rojas

Essentials for Leveraging LinkedIn
Terry Sullivan

Maximizing Meetup
Stephanie Inge

Speak to Grow Rich in Referrals
Jeff Klein

Podcasting: A Multicast Marketing Strategy
Gary Leland

Tim_GilletteThe Rock Your Social Media track emcee, Tim Gillette is an experienced host and organizer of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Entrepreneur BootCamp, a Rock Star Business Coach and all around fun guy. He will guide you through the 12 expert mini-sessions with thoughtful impactful insights and introductions of each speaker and topic.