Digital Mapping in 2017 and Beyond According to Lex ten Veen

Lex ten Veen, CEO of Navads at Rocks Digital 2017The PND (Personal Navigation Device aka GPS) market is declining – only about 4 million units in 2017 due to smartphones being able to give real-time navigation information, as well as offering users additional services. Lex ten Veen, CEO of Navads, explores this topic at Rocks Digital 2017. Keep reading for the highlights.

Digital Mapping and Navigation – What You Need to Know

User demand triggered the growth of navigation on Smartphones and apps. People already had a Smartphone and with the improvement in technology and the ability of Smartphones to add enhancements and improvements, the demand for navigation has skyrocketed. The car is actually one of the last places people are getting connected, but that’s changing.

Cloud Based vs. Onboard Navigation

  • Used to navigate from A to B
  • Now real time services
  • Personalization of navigation
  • Recording preferred routes
  • Customized routing experience
  • The devices learn about your daily commute

Connected Car Services are growing – expected to grow to about 400 million by 2020.

Most major auto companies are exploring autonomous driving capabilities – there are 45 companies working on Autonomous driving.

They’re seeking to:

  • Create seamless customer experience
  • Control what apps to include
  • Cut out Google/Apple in data and revenue – Car makers are collaborating on their own app store
  • Upsell customers with digital services

Automated driving is the future. There will no longer be a need for phone-based navigation. The cars will drive on sensor-based data which will be far more accurate than GPS.  It will be navigated by a machine, all you need to do is select your destination and your car’s dashboard will be an infotainment system.

By 2020 50% of searches will be voice search. 88% of people check reviews before visiting a business. So, you need to optimize the search experience:

  • Become a local brand
  • Acquire reviews
  • Identities and Attributes are both important


  • Business name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  •  Local website


  • Products offered
  • Services
  • Specialties
  • Open hours
  • Unique offerings
  • Reviews/Ratings

Be sure that both your identity information and your attributes are easy to find and that your location is accurate and validated. Make yourself easy to find so, as technology improves, the newest devices are able to find you.

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