Digital Marketing Conference Agenda 2015

Ready for the Rocks Digital Marketing Conference 2015?

At the Rocks Digital Marketing Conference 2015 we will ROCK the topics you want to hear including Content, Search, Social and Local and this year’s digital marketing conference is bringing much needed education, information and resources to business owners, digital marketing agencies and enterprise level service providers. You will not want to miss this must attend event.

Monday, June 29th – Pre-Conference Workshops

  • Crafting a LinkedIn Profile That Drives Traffic, Generates Interest and Creates Results led by John Nosal
  • Leverage Twitter for Success: Not How to Tweet, but What to Tweet to Create Reach and Expand Your Brand led by Lissa Duty
  • Your Visibility Checkup: How to Take Control of Your Data led by Randall Turner
  • Performing a Technical SEO Audit for Optimal Website Performance led by Rachel Morgan
  • How To Create Rocking Blog Topics led by Natalie Gould

Read Workshop Descriptions Download the June 29 Agenda

Tuesday, June 30th – Social Media Day

  • Registration Opens 9:00 am
  • Welcome 9:45 am Creating a Cohesive Digital Marketing Strategy with special guest Eric T. Tung
  • Opening Keynote Loren Baker, Founder of Search Engine Journal
  • Rock Talks High-Energy Big Impact Presentations featuring 5 Experts Candy Barone, Bernadette Coleman, Lissa Duty, Jerod Morris and Joe Youngblood
  • Onsite Lunch 12:10 pm
  • Break-Out Sessions 1:00 pm to 3:10 pm 15 Sessions for you to choose from, including two special sessions (1) Women Leading in Local Panel with a special guest from Yahoo! and (2) Geek Chat Panel 
  • Afternoon Break 3:10
  • Presentation 3:30 pm Reputation Management with special guest Chris Silver Smith
  • Rocks Digital Marketing Q & A Panel 4:00 pm moderated by Lissa Duty
  • Closing Keynote 4:50 pm Martin Shervington, Founder of Plus Your Business
  • Onsite After-Event 6:00 pm Mashable’s Social Media Day Tweet / Speaker-Author Book Signing

Download the Social Media Day – June 30 Agenda

Take a peek at a sampling of our speakers and presentations below. Click their image to learn more about each speaker and their presentation.Learn More | Register Now | Meet the Speakers | Reviews | Access the Archive

Sue Kochem, Marketing Professional on Women Leading in Local Panel
June 21
Cindy Miller, Market Researcher on Women Leading in Local Panel
June 21
Beth Kahlich, SEO Educator on Rocks Digital Marketing Panel
June 14
Bernadette Coleman, Queen of Local SEO Panelist
June 12
Jared Carrizales To Participate on Geek Chat Panel
June 12
BIAKelsey to Sponsor & Moderate A Special Women Leading in Local Session
May 18
Natalie Gould To Speak on Local Biz Strategies for Content Development
May 18
Rachel Morgan To Speak on Local Biz Strategies for Link Building
May 18
Chris Silver Smith to Speak on Online Reputation Management
May 14
Martin Shervington, Keynote Google Plus Speaker
May 12
Joe Youngblood, SEO Strategist, to Speak on The SEO Mindset
March 29
Grant Wickes to Speak on Photos, Gadgets and Apps For Social Media
March 28
Jeremy Vest to Speak on Video Marketing Tips for Brands and Businesses
March 27
Randall Turner, Digital Marketing Expert, on Your Visibility Checkup
March 26
Eric Tung To Speak on a Cohesive Digital Marketing and Content Strategy
March 25
Brian Sullivan, UX and Slideshare Expert, To Speak On Building Presentations that Rock
March 24
John J. Nosal to Present Pre-Conference LinkedIn Workshop
March 21
Ryan Nielsen, WordPress Developer to Speak on Geek Chat Panel
March 20
Heather Nichols to Speak on Crafting Content that Sticks
March 19
Robin Moss, Digital Marketing / Gamification Speaker
March 17
Jerod Morris to Speak on Content and Connection
March 16
Justin Liles to Participate on Geek Chat and Rocks Digital Marketing Q &A Panel
March 13
Byron Ingraham To Speak on 5 Ways To Boost Conversions
March 12
Elayna Fernandez, Blogging Speaker
March 10
Lissa Duty To Speak On Real-Time Community Management
March 08
Tony Cecala to Moderate Geek Chat: WordPress, Website, Data Session
March 06
Harrison Blum, Social Media Speaker
March 05
Butch Bellah, Sales Expert, To Speak on Being a Sales Superstar
March 04
Candy Barone, Biz Development Speaker
March 03
Loren Baker, Keynote Digital Marketing Speaker
March 02
Laura Armbruster to Speak on Content Marketing
March 01
Junny Barahona to Live Tweet at #RocksDigital
June 21
Laura Darkstar Will Be LIVE Blogging at Rocks Digital
June 21
Clara Mathews, Professional Blogger, to Live Blog
June 21
John Sparks to Emcee The Social Media Track
June 21
Scott Vann, President of DFWSEM, to Emcee
June 21
Steve Kuntz to Emcee Content Creation Track at Rocks Digital
June 21
Ruthie Guten to Live Tweet at #RocksDigital
June 21
Aida Rojas to Live Tweet at #RocksDigital
June 21
Jeff Klein to Emcee The Business Development Track
April 08