Door prize time at DFW Rocks Social Media 2013

Good morning, DFW Rocks Social Media 2013 attendees! A bleary-eyed wave to you all. #OccupyStarbucks, am I right?

Hello, continental breakfast! What I love the most is that it’s actually brunch, since I’m not an early morning person. Lissa gives me an intro to John Nosal, and I make some inane comment about my many online identities, way to make an impression Andi/FunCityAwesome/Content Barista at Ralph’s/what’s my name again?

I’m a latecomer today, and I’ve got one hand clapping, the other one typing as Lissa announces book and door prize winners, and plugging in my laptop under the table here. Feeling a little undercaffeinated, already had my pic taken by photographer, Paula Barnes, who just won a door prize. ~clap clap clap~ Lots happening at once, can you tell?

A few housekeeping notes: Where’s the bathroom? Here’s the wireless password. Lissa is energetic and I’m trying to keep up. Wait for meeee…. Can I get another croissant back here please?

So much to learn, so much to take in. Loving these great attendees and speakers

Shout out to the Sponsors – great businesses, brands and PEOPLE who helped make this year’s event go smoothly and all kinds of awesome.

Happy Social Media Day, all

~ Andi @FunCityAwesome

Andi at RalphsDesign dot com

Andi Reis

Andi Reis has spent the last 13 illustrious years working in the marketing and advertising fields as part of client solutions, editing, copywriting, creative compliance, brand activation, content strategy, and social media marketing for corporations, writers and artists. Obsessively working the world to help bring people to the mecca of social media as part of successful digital marketing, she creates for clients the platform of understanding which basically says: Social media is more about the social than the media. In her spare time, she is Content Barista at Ralph’s Design & Deli and Chief of Awesome at Fun City Social Media.

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