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DFW Rocks Social Media 2014 Speaker Profile

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Eric T. Tung Dallas Social Media Speaker DFW Rocks 2014Speaker Name: Eric T. Tung

Company Name & Website: BMC Software, Eric T Tung – The Social Media Guy

Social Media Channels: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Slideshare, Instagram

Job Title: Social Media Manager

Why did you select this job title? My official title is a bit antiquated, “Staff Web Editor” so I got to change it for business cards and such.

Why did you select the industry you did? It’s a tough industry for social media marketing. I like the challenges.

What is your favorite thing about your work? When people engage with our social channels, appreciate our effort and when we can change minds.

What is your least favorite? Creating reports.

What is your presentation title at #DFWRocks2014? Social Media Q&A Expert Panel

What is the one take away you want every attendee at DFW Rocks to learn from you? Social isn’t free. It takes an investment of time and energy. Use social to help, not sell.

Name three most important points you will share:

  • Good content is a must
  • Helping is more important than selling,
  • Automate some social so you have more time to engage

What do you hope to learn / accomplish at #DFWRocks2014? Network with folks, help folks understand the importance of social and how to get started.

Recent Conference presented to: Social Media Marketing World (2014), Social Media Tulsa (2014), BlogWell (2014), Dreamforce (2013), BlogElevated (2013)

Special Awards / Recognitions / Write-ups received: #1 Most influential social media professional in Houston, Forbes most influential network (2011), elance top 5% of social media consultants (2013), Most influential tweeter at Dreamforce, Top 20 tweeters to follow at Dreamforce, Most influential tweeter at Social Media Marketing World, Top 100 Social Selling Influencers. (2014)

Author of: Book coming soon – keep your eyes peeled!

Favorite book: Youtility by Jay Baer

Who do you consider has influenced you in your industry and why?

From the perspective of my full-time job, Vala Afshar has revolutionized the way that tech companies market through social. He’s created a wide following and is regularly referred to as a top influencer in tech, social and marketing.

Personally, I look up to folks like Jay Baer, Pam Moore and Douglas Karr. They’ve all created companies from scratch to help companies understand and utilize social.

Favorite Quote: “A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is – it is what consumers tell each other it is.” Scott Cook, Founder of Intuit

Advice for Readers: “Social media is a bit like a beginner’s dance class. People need to check in the mirror and see how everyone else is doing it. DFW Rocks gives marketing professionals, business owners and digital marketers a way to network and “check the mirror” together, and in the end, grow and improve together.”

Eric closed his interview with I am two degrees from Kevin Bacon! What a fun guy!

You can read Eric’s official bio on the Meet The Speakers page!

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