News Feed News! What Marketers Must Know about the Latest Facebook Algorithm Update

Optimizing for the Latest Facebook Algorithm2018 has barely begun, but we’re already seeing major changes taking place on Facebook. For those that have been marketing on the platform for some time now, it’s hardly shocking to hear about yet another Facebook algorithm update that’s going to shake things up.

The big difference this time is that the change is expected to be significant.

Is the Facebook Algorithm Update a Benefit for Small Business?

Marketers everywhere are outraged about the proposed switch. While specific insights are limited, it’s widely known that the new algorithm change on Facebook will be putting the spotlight onto posts from family and friends, and off of posts from pages.

Even top-tier social media marketers are calling this the end of organic reach on Facebook, saying that the network is solidifying itself as a pay-to-play marketing platform.

I disagree.

In my mind, this change could have a significantly positive effect for small businesses and anyone else that posts genuinely valuable content. It’s probably bad news for major corporations, viral content sources, and the like, but that doesn’t mean that small businesses and other pages have to be roped in with the lot.

I’m reading between the lines a little bit, but I’m confident about one thing: great content will never go unnoticed.

Small Businesses and the New Facebook Algorithm Update

Most marketers have been so caught up in one element of the Facebook announcement that they’ve neglected the rest of it. These professionals immediately took notice of the messaging that suggested friends and family will take precedence over pages, but they never stopped to consider what that implies.

Facebook is all about personalization.

What does that mean? It means that anyone can create content that’s genuinely personalized and directed at someone in particular. In fact, even business pages have this opportunity. And that’s significant.

Latest Facebook Algorithm Update 2018

Take the mentions of brands and “public” content out of the recent announcement by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and you’ll find that most of the post has to do with ensuring that what you read feels personal and intentional.

As page managers, why are we fighting that? Instead, we should be embracing it. Those that do will find that they “defy” the algorithm and end up on their followers’ News Feeds.


It’s because pages are not disappearing on Facebook. Viral content might be disappearing, and overtly promotional content was already in disfavor anyway ­– but that leaves content that adds genuine value.

This is what everyone wants to find on their News Feed, so that’s what Facebook aims to provide. Businesses would be best served by embracing that.

Personalizing Your Content

So how does a brand go about developing content that feels personalized to an individual?

By relating to what’s going on in their life.

It sounds easy, but of course it isn’t. Brands that want to win on Facebook in 2018 will have to master the art of being relevant. According to this new algorithm, nothing matters more.

Being relevant involves relating to people’s current life stage, interests, knowledge gaps, and more. It’s an art that has to be learned over time. Different audiences have different needs and desires, which can make the content creation process complicated and ever-changing.

Why Smaller Brands Have the Upper Hand

So if defying the Facebook algorithm is all about personalization and relevancy, why do small businesses have the advantage in all of this?

There’s one reason:

Their audiences are more defined. While larger companies put massive resources into learning about their ideal customer personas, smaller businesses have a narrower audience to work with.

That might not sound like such a great thing, but in this context, it is! It’s easier to relate to an audience that’s more specific. They may live in a specific locality or share tons of common interests. Whatever the case, the key to success on Facebook moving forward will be to find the common thread and make use of it. This ensures you will be relevant to at least a portion of your audience so that your posts can be seen.

This Facebook Algorithm Update Shows that Content is Still King

Facebook’s always changing, and it can be hard to find a strategy that remains relevant despite the constant updates. That said, there’s one strategy that’s likely to work time and time again – posting great content that your followers genuinely enjoy. Remember, content is still king!

Do this, and you’ll be sure to stay ahead of the curve and win on Facebook.

How will you adjust your Facebook strategy to get closer to your audience? Share your thoughts in the comments! 

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