Videos are Not Just for YouTube Anymore

Facebok and YouTube VideoDeciding where to post video content to share with your audience is not as simple as it used to be. Previously you simply had to post content to YouTube and share it across the various social media platforms. Just recently Facebook has become a strong player in the video market allowing pages to feature videos on their pages and so much more.

Facebook & YouTube are completely different platforms when it comes to video and how people search for them. Lets contrast the differences and then discuss what to do about it. 

Benefits of Facebook Videos

One of the advantages of leveraging Facebook for video in a business is the targeting capability within the platform. Utilizing Facebook Ads, a business can target their content to the exact customers they are looking for.  This is in addition to content being shared organically within Facebook.

This combined with Audience Insights gives you powerful insights on to who your exact audience is, allowing you to refine your targeting with videos to increase your ROI.

Benefits of YouTube Videos

The biggest advantage that YouTube has is the ability for videos to show up in search result on Google. Remember when people are looking to buy a product or service they typically start the process on Google. Because of this you have the ability when videos are optimized properly for them to show up on the 1st page of Google search results.

Another added benefit of YouTube is the Google Display Network. By utilizing the Google Display Network for Video Ads, you can have your content appear on sites across the web that your target audience is looking at that are related to your specific product or service. This will help influence their buying decisions.

So which do you video platform do you choose?

Ultimately you will want to upload your videos to both networks. You can certainly make minor adjustments to the videos if you are worried about them being the same. It will be important that you create a well-optimized description for each platform and don’t make it the exact same. Remember, when you put your video on Facebook to include a social tone in the description and on YouTube use more of a how to voice.

Facebook will socially influence a buying decision because of the interactions that people within their network. Additionally you can leverage retargeting ads to keep your product or service in front of prospects.

YouTube will ensure that as your prospects begin to research their options on Google you can be at the top of their list to choose from.

Here is a resource for a free video course to get you started creating great videos.

Are you creating videos? And where are you currently uploading them? Share a link to your YouTube or Facebook Page in the comments.


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