Three Methods to Get More YouTube Views

How To Get More YouTube ViewsGetting views on YouTube is an essential part of growing your audience. The more views you have on a given video the more likely YouTube will reward you by being recommended as a suggested video on other videos.

These are three simple methods that you can easily implement to generate authentic YouTube views of your content.

Tip #1: Create Playlists With Your Videos

Playlists serve a dual purpose with your channel. First and foremost they will help viewers watch additional content that is within the playlist as it is related content to the video they searched for.

Playlists will allow you to mix in some of your strongest content with newer content helping to lend their ranking within search to them.

Another added benefit of utilizing playlists is that they are able to rank within search.

Tip #2: Sharing Your Videos On Other Social Media Platforms

This might sound like a no brainer to share content, but to increase the effectiveness of sharing your content, you have to go beyond simply hitting the share button. As each social network has its own unique environment and ways that people interact with each other.

Think about it for a moment, the way you share content on Twitter is different than the way you would share it on Google+, Facebook, or even Reddit.

Take the few extra minutes to create a native post on each of the networks that you are active on. This will help your content reach your audience as it will look more authentic than simply sharing a link.

Ask yourself, “Are you most likely to interact with a link shared without any context, or an in depth post with enticing your network to watch your video?”

Tip#3: Use Call To Actions For People To Subscribe To Your Channel

The more people you can convert to subscribers the more active of an audience you will have. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to utilize call to actions in multiple places to encourage viewers to subscribe.

First and foremost, in every video description you should have a subscribe link to your channel to encourage first time viewers to subscribe.

Utilize video annotations to encourage people to subscribe to your channel. Remember if you are creating engaging videos your viewers are more likely to want to know more from you.

Lastly include a way for your social network to subscribe to your channel on other networks. Be certain to include a subscribe link on your social media profiles, and even on your website.

A simple way to add the subscribe function to your website is to utilize the button from YouTube directly. You get the code to add to your website at:

These are just a few of many ways that you can increase your YouTube views, ultimately you have to create consistent quality content that your viewers will want to consume. What are you doing currently to attract an audience on YouTube for your business?

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