Goldie Chan, Top LinkedIn Video Creator to Speak at Rocks Digital 2018

Goldie Chan, Top LinkedIn Video Creator to Speak at Rocks Digital 2018Goldie Chan is a top LinkedIn Video creator, social media strategist, and keynote speaker bridging the gap between tech, entertainment and branding. Her video channel is the longest-running daily show on the platform, with over 1.5 million views and counting.

She is a strong believer in community and encouraging new creators, starting far-reaching on-platform hashtag campaigns like #LinkedInCreators. She currently partners with major brands like Tenor GIF, Epidemic Sound and WeWork.

Goldie is currently the Founder and Head of Content and Creative at Warm Robots, a social media strategy and content agency based out of sunny Los Angeles, California. Warm Robots handles everything from digital strategy for B2B and B2C corporations to social presence for Fortune 500 C-level executives.

She regularly speaks at conferences across the US including VidCon, and has been featured in Inc. Magazine, Huffington Post, Fast Company and more. She is a proud member of the Producer’s Guild of America and serves on the New Media Council.

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Presentation Title

How to Explosively Grow a Personal Brand on LinkedIn

Heard about the recent changes on LinkedIn? Curious how you can leverage them to grow a powerhouse brand? Want to learn how to turn your LinkedIn profile into a powerful selling or brand presence tool for your company from one of the top LinkedIn creators?

In this presentation, she will:

  • Review all the tools to create organic growth on LinkedIn
  • Define the metrics that currently exist for a LinkedIn Profile
  • Outline clear, easy-to-follow brand strategies from profile to content

Be ready to learn! It all starts with understanding the immediate first steps to changing a LinkedIn profile page into a sales or brand presence tool. Goldie is sure to bring it!

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