#Google News: Change in Format of URLs to A Breadcrumb Like Structure

Google URL Update April 2015 Before and AfterAs you probably have heard by now, Google will be changing the algorithms for mobile sites starting April 21st. If you haven’t heard about it yet, you need to know, as it will have a huge effect on your site’s rankings.

However, in the meantime, Google announced yesterday they are making another change to mobile search. They have already started rolling this change out for mobile results. They are changing the format or presentation of the way URLs appear in a mobile search.

What You Need To Know About Google’s New Breadcrumb Structure

This change does not require you to do anything and will actually help those searching for your products or services from their mobile devices.

  • They will be using the “real-world” name of a site instead of domain names.
  • Including a “breadcrumb” trail to your actual domain as well.

This will give a better a better reflection of websites, which will enable mobile searchers to find what they need more easily.

Things to Know About This Google Update:

  1. This only affects mobile search results
  2. This change will be rolled out gradually
  3. The site name change will only affect the US at this time
  4. URL as Breadcrumbs will be rolled out worldwide

You can learn more on this change by visiting Google’s Webmaster Center.

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