Explore the Future of Local Search with Greg Sterling of LSA at Rocks Digital 2017

Greg Sterling to Speak on Future of Local Search and Rocks Digital Marketing Conference 2017 in DallasGreg Sterling is VP of Strategy & Insights for Local Search Association (LSA). He is also a contributing editor at leading tech blogs Search Engine Land and Marketing Land. He’s been around local digital media for so long he now feels a bit like Yoda. Sterling has been doing research and writing about local search and location-based marketing since 1999. And though he’s not actually an SEO practitioner, he sometimes pretends to be one at conferences.

Previously Sterling was a senior analyst for Opus Research and The Kelsey Group (now BIA/Kelsey). He was also founding editor at Allbusiness.com and a producer for TechTV. Sterling has a law degree and was a practicing attorney for roughly 10 unhappy years.

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Big Trends Shaping the Future of (Local) Search

Search and local digital marketing are changing dramatically right in front of us. A number of big trends will have a significant impact on how consumers find businesses and make buying decisions, and how enterprise and retailers will reach and transact with consumers in the future. These include:

  • The continuing decline of the desktop
  • The increasingly transactional nature of mobile
  • The impact of artificial intelligence
  • Location analytics
  • Virtual assistants (as well as messaging and assisted search)

Greg Sterling will discuss these developments, what they mean, and how soon they’re likely to have a practical impact on marketers.

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