The Social-Savvy Heather Nichols to Emcee the Social Media and Content Track at Rocks Digital 2018

The Social-Savvy Heather Nichols to Emcee the Social Media Track at Rocks Digital 2018After a 10-year corporate sales career, Heather Nichols became inspired at a Zig Ziglar conference to help more businesses and entrepreneurs connect with their potential customers and referral sources in a more meaningful way. Convinced that the customer doesn’t care what you call “sales” or “marketing,” she believed that by focusing on a singular customer experience, all else will follow.

Now a passionate entrepreneur, Heather is on a mission to help others reverse-engineer the moments of referrals from those happy customers that evangelize the brand for the business. But it’s more than reverse-engineering the sale – it’s about reverse-engineering a vision of having lifetime clients and referral sources – and it happens in part by having customer-focused digital marketing strategies.

If you want to have a long coffee talk about top-of-mind-awareness campaigns and customer journey mapping, you’ll have to meet Heather in person at an event like Rocks Digital. In-person is her favorite way to connect, and the internet is her favorite tool to STAY connected.

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Emcee – Social and Content Track Sessions

Read the session descriptions and meet the speakers – Antoine Dupont, Shelly Fagin and Grant Simmons.

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