Help Your Brain Stay Younger and Grow Sales with Events

Grow Sales with EventsI don’t know how to make you lose those 20 pounds, but I can help your brain stay younger – and INCREASE your SALES! Recent studies have shown that our brains produce new brain cells as we are engaged in thought-provoking types of activities.

I’m Giving My Brain a Boost Next Week

This makes attending the upcoming Rocks Digital Marketing Conference all the more enticing. Imagine how much growth you will experience attending keynotes, workshops, and reading books that the fabulous Rocks Digital speakers are providing, and sharing your thoughts with others who will be in attendance.

While attending conferences and work-related gatherings might not be first on your list every week, they offer you the opportunity to learn, converse, share your thoughts – and engage your brain! We are all interested in new ways to improve our overall health and bank accounts, and with this new revelation, you have an extra incentive to interact with your peers.

The Positive Effect of Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

Can you imagine how much younger you would feel if you stepped out of your comfort zone and started attending more events related to your business interests?

  • The possibility to not only feel younger and increase your SALES is a great reason to attend more events, to read more, and to speak with people you find interesting.
  • Business events and socializing should no longer be seen as an obligation or just a business necessity, as they can help you beyond your career and boost your overall health.
  • If you have been looking for ways to improve your brain power and mental clarity, stop saying no to invitations and social gatherings.

Not only may your brain power increase, you may also make new business contacts, grow SALES and maybe even have a little fun. Now is the time to embrace these invitations and use them to your benefit, in more ways than one.

Become more involved in what is going on around you, and you will soon begin to notice that your SALES increase – and even if you can’t literally see your brain, trust the studies – it will stay younger!

I expect to see you next week at Rocks Digital as we all increase our knowledge, contacts, SALES and make our brains younger!! Make sure to reach out and say “Hi” to me.

Have you noticed that boost you feel after speaking or attending an event? This shows it is good for you, and your brain!

Debbie Mrazek

Debbie Mrazek, author of the Field Guide to Sales, is a sales coach who delivers a sales prescription that really works. She teaches individuals how to transform their talents into s-a-l-e-s.

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