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What Has Link Building Done for You Lately? How to Choose the Best Links

Link Building – How to Choose the Best Links

As you turn your attention to link building, consider how search engines provide information to users. When a user inputs the keyword for which information is required, the search engine offers various keyword-related links within a fraction of a second.

This is possible when the websites containing the keyword information are correctly linked. If the website links are perfect, page loading will be fast and may increase viewership. It may further result in top SEO ratings.

Even though the content plays a vital role in creating website popularity, link building is equally important. When the content is good and the web page is well-designed, but linking between sites is not good, then the whole procedure will not benefit you. Knowing this, we see how the concept of link building plays a vital role in any SEO.

Link Building – Complex but Doable

The internet gives access to many websites. One can view or browse an infinite number of sites from home on a personal computer or laptop. And thanks to improved technology, smartphones are so advanced that one can browse on phones also. No matter the geographical location, the internet has made browsing easy all over the world. So while using the internet is easy, has anyone ever thought about the management of linking within the websites?

Well, this will be very complicated to a beginner, and is a challenge even to an experienced web developer. New web pages are created every day to retain users’ interest, and new websites emerge with new concepts. The world always wants something new. As no two brains think exactly the same way, there will surely be different views and opinions about a piece of content. All these factors make it challenging to the web developer, as website link building has to be modified when required.

As an essential technique of SEO, link building plays a vital role.

What is Link Building?

Link building can be defined as a process consisting of acquiring links from various other websites, and linking them to your own site. When users have to navigate between multiple pages on the internet, they typically need to be linked first through a hyperlink. Hyperlinks take users from one page on the internet to another. In brief: Search engines analyze the use of inbound and outbound links to determine the ranking of a web page. Link building strategies helps users to discover new web pages and increases the opportunity for pages to be ranked at the top of search engines.

SEO Techniques for Link Building

There are two types of SEO techniques – white hat SEO and black hat SEO. White hat SEO refers to those methods used by website owners that strictly follow the rules and regulations of SEO. White hat SEO requires acquiring links from original or genuine websites which provide quality and relevant information. White hat link building can no doubt bring you results in the long run. In contrast, using black hat SEO techniques is not advisable, because while these techniques are used to increase website viewership, they are against the rules and regulations of SEO.

Now, creating a proper link requires specialization in that particular field, and not all can do it independently, so thankfully WordPress has made it very easy nowadays. WordPress is an application based on PHP and MySQL, and can be installed very easily on any internet-based operating system. Its inbuilt plugins facilitate the user experience. A point to be noted here is that WordPress features integrated link management, so anyone with a little bit of internet savvy can easily learn to link their websites using WordPress.

Before Linking to Another Website Consider the Following…

Websites should only be linked when it makes sense to do so. In other words, where SEO is concerned, carefully consider the sites that you want to link to!

1. Is the content high-quality?

The website consisting of quality content can be linked, provided the website owner does not have any issues regarding this.

2. Are they using white hat SEO techniques?

Check whether the website you want to link is itself following white hat rules and techniques. Why? Because if the site you want to link is using improper (wrong) ways that are against best SEO practices, then you could be blacklisted!

3. What is the ranking of the website?

Check the ranking of the website before linking. If the site you are linking is on the top of search results, then your website has a chance of being viewed.

4. Are you setting clear expectations?

Be explicit regarding what you want while linking to the website. Again, linking to just any site is not advisable. Review points 1–3 before acting.

Focus Link Building on Relevant, High-Quality Sites

What websites should be considered? High-quality websites that are in the same industry or that contain content that’s relevant to your own content – these are your targets. Linking to any random site does not serve your purpose! When link building, pay attention to website selection to make the best choices.

Hopefully, with the guidance provided above you now have a better understanding of what link building is, and how to execute it for your benefit.

Are you ready to start building great links now? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Derek Iwasiuk

Derek Iwasiuk is a well-known SEO analyst and digital marketing expert who is highly skilled in white hat link building, as well as in the positives aspects of using this method of SEO.

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