Creating Compelling Content: How To Find Blog Topics

6 Secrets on How To Find Blog TopicsIt is not writer’s block that presents the challenge for most content creators. No, it is how to find blog topics that will grab the attention of your audience. If you have a business or even a personal blog, you are constantly trying to fill the pipeline with interesting blog topics.

No matter if you publish a blog post once a week, once a month or once a day, you are constantly faced with the problem of finding relevant topics that will be of interest to your audience.

You could write yet another list post, checklist or how to tutorial. Or you could try something new and find inspiration for better and more compelling blog topics.

6 Secrets on How To Find Blog Topics


1. Local and Global News Sources

Look at local news websites or go bigger and look at They can provide a variety of trending topics for you to create content for your blog. When selecting the topics think about how it might affect your business or industry and write on that. Always be thinking of ways to put a different spin on big news stories to newsjack it to your advantage.

2. Trending Topics

Social media can also be a valuable resource for finding blog ideas.

  • Check out Twitter for trending topics both local and national.
  • The Linkedin Newsfeed is an excellent source for business related topics.
  • Facebook also features trending topics in the sidebar on your home page.
  • Don’t forget the king of keyword search; Google Trends is a great place to find out what’s hot.

3. News Aggregator Websites

News aggregators can be a great source of inspiration for finding ideas related to a variety of industries. Check out AllTop (and yes, Rocks Digital is one of the sites they aggregate), Reddit, Feedly and Pulse.

4. Magazines

Need more inspiration? Visit the magazine rack at your local market and pick up the latest issue of Cosmo, Oprah or People magazine. You may not want to write about the what’s going on with the Kardashians, but magazine publishers are geniuses at writing headlines that grab your attention.

5. Blog Idea Generators

If you are looking for a quick and simple way to come up with an idea for your next blog post, try a blog idea generator. With these simple (and FREE) tools you enter your keywords and they will “generate” a sample headline or idea for your blog post.

6. Go Old School

  • Answer the FAQs of your clients and others that want to learn about your industry.
  • Brainstorm blog ideas with your team and industry peers.
  • Write on topics that other local and industry events are addressing in their meetings.

Most importantly, remember, if others are talking about a topic, you probably should be too and don’t be last. Be one of the first whenever possible.

How do you find ideas for your blog content?


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