How To Get Healthy In The New Year

How to Get HealthyAround this time of year we are giving thanks for the blessings and things in our lives over a large meal and multiple desserts without giving any ‘thinks’ to the things stealing our blessings every day. It is said that your health is your wealth, yet it is never said that your illness is your poorness, though this is truer than the first statement.

Many will never be able to grasp the concept of wealth because they have never acquired it, only admired it, though the majority have lived in poorness and some will do most anything to get out of it. In the same way, some people stuff themselves with food without any thought of what they are eating and then join a cause to show they have done something by simply putting a pin on their ever expanding chest.

Healthy Habits for the New Year

  • Be the one blessed in wealth and health by supporting causes in your daily actions rather than just a pin on your profile image.
  • Be the one that feeds on the nourishment of greater knowledge, blessed health, and abundant freedom.
  • Give ‘thinks’ every day so you can truly give thanks for what others take for granted.
  • Learn every day by plugging into your computer, investing in books, and joining in live programs to educate yourself about health and your specific health concerns.

The more you learn and investigate for yourself the less power others will have over you when it comes to your health. We live in an age of information at the tip of our fingers and yet the majority of people have little knowledge of anything. Be the minority that is knowledgeable and let it show through your healthy life, body, and attitude.

  1. Move your body for a few (30-60) minutes every day to sweat out some toxins and burn off some excess fat so you can get the full healthy effect. Getting ripped and ready for the stage is not the goal for this break in the day. Exercise is to get more oxygen into your body for improved vascular, brain, and joint function. This one thing will get you off your butt and possibly keep you from falling on your butt in the future.
  2. Eat well to fuel your body with nutrients from the ground. Load up on fresh colorful vegetables, munch on crunchy seeds, chew on fresh berries, enjoy some lean meats, and add a little lemon or lime to your water. The fresh foods from nature give you the nutrients needed for protection from the cold, wind, and seasonal allergies. This one thing will feed your health just as it will starve out disease and protect your wealth.
  3. Your work environment affects your health. Pay attention to the lighting, how long your stare at the computer and what foods you put in your body while at work.

Learn how to improve, get up and move, eat only the best, and do all three as needed to keep your health whole and keep you out of the hole.

 Are you ready to improve your health in the New Year? Stop talking and start moving.

Clint Fuqua

Clint Fuqua, author of “Personal Health Care Reform”, is an accomplished Certified Health Coach and Personal Trainer with over two decades of experience and specialized training in all areas of health, nutrition, and exercise.

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