How to Optimize Twitter for Local SEO

How to Optimize TwitterNext to your own website, your business’ social media presence is your greatest tool online and knowing how to optimize Twitter for local SEO is something that you need to know and take advantage of. The easy to do tips will help you to increase your local SEO values and Twitter presence at the same time.

How To Optimize Twitter with a Complete Bio

Search engines, like Google, take into consideration whether or not your profile is complete when making a decision on where you rank and Google is indexing tweets again. Be sure to fill out all the important details, including  any websites and links to other social media accounts. Your company’s complete contact information is a must for your profile to rank high in a search engine.

Having local information, such as your company’s physical location and telephone number, will also help your local SEO. Search engines want to provide searchers the most complete information available and making sure that all of your contact information is complete will increase your search ranking.

  • Contact info (Name, City, State)
  • Company website and/or blog links
  • Keyword optimized 160 character description

Retweets Help With Local SEO

When you are socializing and interacting on Twitter, you should always keep in mind that retweets are more influential on your SEO than regular tweets. The reason behind this is simple; if someone else found this information worthy of being passed on, then it is worthy of a higher ranking on Google based on keywords.

Getting retweeted is a simple process in theory. If you write quality content and promote it with the right keywords, you have a greater chance of your post being retweeted. This is all a part of  following the basic rules of social media marketing and creating relevant content that serves a higher purpose.

3 Ways to Get Retweets

  1. Write information that is relevant to your target audience
  2. Use unique words or phrases
  3. Tweet during the peak times of the day throughout the week

Use Hashtags

Something that Twitter integrated into social media is hashtags. This is an extremely beneficial tool when you are trying to get people to see your Tweets. Using hashtags with keywords that are relevant to the type of business you are trying to promote and the target audience you want to reach are key to getting maximum exposure on Twitter.

People will search these terms and your company’s posts will come up when you have included these terms in your hashtags. For example, if you are promoting a sale on t-shirts for your department or online store, try a catchy tagline for the sale: Half off T-Shirt Tuesday would have the hashtags of #halfofftshirttuesday, #tshirtsale or #tshirttuesday.

Hashtags are another great way to get exposure and to get retweets as well, so keep that in mind when posting. Hashtags will also help with your Google ranking, bringing more followers to your social media accounts.

Best Uses of Hashtags

  • Bring attention to your social media account
  • Boost your Google ranking
  • Promote sales, events or contests

These are only a few of the most basic tips on how to optimize your Twitter account, but by doing only these simple things, you will see results sooner than you might expect. Social media is a powerful tool when it comes to marketing and you just have to learn how to make your social media work best for you. Remember, the secret to having success is getting started!

Bernadette Coleman

Bernadette Coleman is a SEO, Local Search, Engaging Content Enthusiast & CEO of Advice Interactive Group, an Inc500 Digital Agency.

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